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New Sweater Adventures

Saturday morning Beatrix spied her new sweater on the blocking boards and exclaimed, “My turkey-oise finished mommy??!!”  She has been asking ever since I told her I was knitting her a turquoise sweater, and scolding me anytime I dared to work on any other knitting projects.
It’s quite fitting to write about Beatrix and knitting together, as Beatrix is the child who finally forced me to slow down; to be able to stop what I’m doing even if I’m not finished, and knitting is the craft that helped me to do it all without losing my mind.
(Most importantly there has been so much Grace poured out on me these past few years-knitting just being one of the avenues which God has used to bless me.)
Even last night, as I was writing these words, I was stopped after only two sentences by Beatrix having a bedtime meltdown, screaming for “mommy!–not daddy!”  This isn’t typical as Jonny usually puts the girls to bed.  I arrived at the top of the stairs to a kicking screaming mess of Beatrix (and a befuddled Jonny.)  A couple of years ago would have found me frustrated to have my evening time interrupted.
I climbed in bed next to Bea and pulled her close as she cried, “My not happy!”
A few minutes later she was happy (and asleep.)
These past few years have found me changed in so many ways, learning to be still, or more importantly, to stop, only one of them.
Now rather than using knitting as a way to keep myself occupied when I have to sit still, I search for moments to sit and knit and just breathe.  I can actually do so without thinking about the load of laundry waiting to be moved, or the dirt on the floor.  Of course, give me an hour to lie in bed and do nothing, with instructions to take a nap, and I am hopeless.  Without something to busy my hands, my mind can’t seem to relax during daylight hours.
After years of evenings spent racing around tidying up, I’ve come to the conclusion that evenings aren’t for housework, they are for children and for knitting.  If you can combine the two, you’re in really good shape.  My favorite evenings are spent sitting on the couch between my boys, all with our needles clicking, with the exception of Seth, who prefers turning pages to knitting stitches.
(Sweater details on ravelry.)
(Oh, and of all the above photos, the one of Beatrix with that little pointer finger out is the one that best describes her.  She is such a finger wagging, hands on hips or arms crossed sort of girl.  Do you see the little kitty cat face at the left edge of the photo?  Intruder (the cat) was getting a good talking to.)

Friday Morning


Funny outfits
Messy hair
Chocolate muffins for breakfast
Lots of pretend
Teddy Bears flying through the air
Trudy searching for crumbs
Boys hiding from the camera
Writing it all down for safekeeping