Archives for January 27, 2011

I thought it was funny (and the Yarn Along Giveaway winner!)

I want to thank everyone who joined the Yarn Along yesterday, and also taught Keats all about the joy of reading blog comments.  He became quite compulsive, checking for new ones throughout the day.  The neat thing is that all your positive feedback has him itching to cast on again, this time a hat for the baby brother due in May.
And because I am hoping that you won’t be horrified by this exchange, but find it as hilarious as I did….
(overheard last night)
Keats to Gabe:  “I should knit a pair of underwear and put it on the Yarn Along.”
Keats and Gabe:  *hysterical laughter*  (underwear is so funny when you are eight years old!)
Keats:  “Then someone might comment, Nice panties!”  (the word panties is even funnier)
Keats and Gabe:  *more hysterical laughter* 

Yes, we are at that stage with our boys.

Oh, and the giveaway!!  I used random number generator of course to choose the winner.  Christina of A Button and a Fig wins the yarn!  Congratulations!