Archives for January 21, 2011

Larkspur’s Phoebe

I finally finished Larkspur’s Phoebe sweater last night. I decided against blocking yet (too impatient to see Lark wear it!), so there is quite a curl on the edges of the front which you can see.  I will wait until it needs a wash to take care of that.  Larkspur is very pleased with this sweater, and especially loves the hood.  I am glad that she doesn’t notice things like the fact that mommy’s special talent is not the kitchener stitch.  I spaced out a bit while closing up the hood last night, so it isn’t perfect.  I also forgot the decreases required before starting the pattern on one of the sleeves-oops! You can’t tell unless you know, which of course I do, but this is just a lovely opportunity to let go of perfection.  Oh, and I bound off the shoulders on the wrong side too, so really letting go with this one!
(the pattern is available here.)