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Giveaway winner and some other things

I just closed comments on the dolly necklace giveaway and used random number generator to choose a winner.  Mama Unplugged, you win! Congratulations!  Thanks to everyone who played along and left such nice comments.

I also want to say that when I started the Yarn Along, I was so nervous that no one would participate, and this week there were over 80 of you who did, which is so crazy!  Thank you all so much.  Wednesdays are a lot of fun.  I am trying to think of a way to give back to you all.  Maybe I can find a little yarn shop that would sponsor a yarn giveaway on one of our Yarn Alongs…

Third, I am behind replying to emails.  I got backed up sometime before Christmas.  When I get an email that I am able to reply to right away I do, and when I can’t I put a little star by it so I can come back to it later.  Those little starred emails are the ones I am having a hard time getting back to.  So, if you have emailed and I haven’t replied, please forgive me.  Feel free to email me again and remind me that I need to get back to you.
I love getting emails from you, and feel terrible when I can’t seem to find the time to reply.

Along those same lines, I am trying to get a bit more organized with my computer time and one thing I am doing is embracing the google reader for reading blogs.  Yes, I know, I am a little behind.  So, to keep everything neat and tidy, I am slowly switching over from using the “following” method, to putting the few blogs I am able to read into my google reader.  I say this just so you know that if I drop off as a follower on your blog, it’s only because I’ve switched to the reader. (and yes I know that blogs that you are following show up on the reader too, but I just want everything to be the same.  it just feels neater to me which makes me feel better about how messy my desk is.)

And lastly, my camera has had focus issues for over six months now.  I have been in denial about the fact that I would need to part with it for a couple of weeks for repair, and have tried everything I can to make the problem be about me, and not the camera.  But really, it’s the camera, and not my autofocus settings.  Everytime I download pictures, I feel sad. You may or may not have noticed this issue here on my blog because I have mostly only posted the ones that look good (and I have tweaked them in Lightroom when I need to.)  So I am getting ready to send my D90 away, because thank goodness I bought the three year warranty (I have just begun my third year.)  In the meantime I will be using a point and shoot digital camera that I just bought with birthday money I have been saving for an emergency like this one.  I bought a Nikon Coolpix P100 , and am actually pretty excited to play with it because the last time I used a camera like this one, I knew nothing about photography, and only shot in auto mode (not that I’m some expert now.)  So just for those of you who are in to picture taking, I will be sure and let you know at the bottom of each post, which camera was used for the photos, and any other thoughts I have about the P100.  My house has very bad light, so I suspect my indoor photos will be poor with this camera (they are already pretty borderline with the D90), but I am excited to see what I can do with it outdoors.  It’s always fun to try something new! 

So, I think that’s it.  Sorry to bore you with all of this.  I’ll be back with pictures and a regular post soon!