Archives for January 7, 2011


Today has been very busy and mostly good.
Homeschooling, crafting, cleaning, reading, and lots of holding Beatrix.
At one point, I snuck into the downstairs bath with the last of a bag of potato chips and ate them all while sitting against the locked door.  I wasn’t having one of those moments, I just didn’t want to share.
I still got caught because Bea smelled them on my breath.
I am not usually a consumer of potato chips, and we rarely have them in the house.
These weren’t organic, natural, or anything of the sort.  They were Wavy Lays.
Speaking of smells, I am not sure that I think paperwhites stink.  They kind of smell like spring to me.
  Larkspur had a huge screaming fit tonight because she didn’t get to sit next to me at dinner.  It was truly insane.  That’s fine though, maybe she can work it all out before she hits her teenage years.  I don’t think I was much of a fit thrower when I was little, but I sure made up for it as a teen.
Thankfully, she has recovered it seems from the neverending cold.  Beatrix is much better as well and has even stopped fighting her breathing treatments.  Last night she sat and held the mask up to her face all by herself.  The secret is a few chocolate chips when she is finished.