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Baby "tum-tum"

An attempt to record my 20 week stomach, first thing in the morning, in my pajamas.  Beatrix doesn’t like being left out of photos, so she quickly grabbed a chair.
It’s a bit ridiculous how big I already am. Wait till you see me at 40 weeks, assuming I show myself.  I always get a gigantic stomach.
It’s a bit awkward when people ask me when I am due and I have to respond with “May.”
(three quarters of the way through May!)
Most people don’t attempt to hide their surprise.  I guess they are expecting me to say “next month.”
Within the next month I will start getting comments along these lines:
“You look like you are about to pop!”
“Your baby has dropped!”
Beatrix is checking her tummy to see if there is a baby inside.
Now she’s asking me, “Baby tum-tum, mommy?”
I actually  hadn’t mentioned to her that I was pregnant until a couple of weeks ago when she approached me, lifted my shirt and asked me if there was a baby in my ‘tum-tum.’  Daddy had mentioned something to her during Mass apparently, and she remembered to ask me about it.  I love the way the whole concept is perfectly natural to young children, as it should be I suppose.
On another topic, I have had sick girls whose only symptoms are nighttime congestion and coughing, for weeks.  The coughing thing at night is so bad.  Beatrix is the worse off of the two, and it makes me feel terrible, not only for her, but also admittedly for myself.  I do miss sleeping.  She is rarely napping during the day anymore despite our efforts, and between that and her poor sleep at night, things have been really whiny around here for weeks.  Larkspur now wakes up at night too, and makes ridiculous demands in her tired state, and then when she doesn’t get what she wants she screams things such as, “My bed isn’t comfortable!  I am going to DIEEEEEE!”  I can’t say I remember any drama like that when my boys were little.  I am honestly having a bit of a hard time keeping my chin up.  Nothing gets me down quite like sleep deprivation combined with extra doses of small girls’ whining all day.  I sure am hoping that things take a positive turn this week.  It’s a new year and I want to be sharing projects, goals, and new plans, but I am just too tired to formulate my thoughts or to remember to take photos during the day.
If things don’t get better, I may be forced to start writing about how my little girls are driving me insane…
Any little prayers and kind thoughts would be appreciated!