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My Birthday Blessings

I had such a good 33rd birthday today.  I slept late, and then was surprised with a birthday breakfast made by Jonny.  I got a bit spoiled with gifts, all of them wonderful (I am including the latest parts of our kitchen remodel–cabinet paint and new glass knobs! as part of my gift and trying not to think about the fact that we are really trying to get our house ready to sell in a year or so.)
One gift that particularly touched me was from my sister Abby.  She has been learning to sew her own cloth diapers and she sewed one for Beatrix.  It is beautiful, soft, and well made. Beatrix loves her “Aunt Abby diaper.”  In addition to the diaper she sent me a copy of Becky’s Christmas that she found recently at the thrift store.  She had called earlier in the week and asked me if I had read this book, thinking that surely I had, given that she felt that much of our Christmas celebration mirrors that described in the book.  I told her that despite the fact that I collect Tasha Tudor’s books, that one I don’t have.  She insisted that I must have this book and said she would order me a used copy, as it is out of print.  Abby looked the book up while we were talking and saw that the cheapest copies were around fifty dollars!  So we agreed that was too much to spend.  I never dreamed she would send me her copy, especially after learning how much it is worth.  But, when I opened my gift I discovered that she had given me her copy, which of course made me cry.  I am so lucky to have family who loves me so much.  Truly, I felt very loved today by all my friends and family today and I appreciate it all greatly. 
I had also planned to write out some thoughts on our past two years tonight, but sleepiness is setting in and I still have much to do before bedtime.  I guess I will sum it up by saying that for us, 2009 was a very hard year and our focus was survival, and that was about it.  2010 has been a year of great loss, but also of healing for us.  I am always amazed at how the good and the beautiful manage to shine through the most painful and difficult of situations.  We have so much to look forward to in 2011, and I hope to stay focused on how blessed we are! 
Thanks so much for being part of the good in my life!

In case you’re wondering…

Baby boy foot that is.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  It’s been nearly eight years since our Keatsy baby was born.  I am very ready for another little boy.
p.s.  No Yarn Along tomorrow, but be ready for next week when I plan to be back in the swing of things!