Getting Ready

Beatrix turns two on Tuesday.  We are all working hard to get ready for what I consider a pretty important birthday.  Two!  I hate to say it, because don’t we all say the same thing when we begin to realize that our babies aren’t really babies anymore, but how can she be turning two already?
Keats and Larkspur have been working to create Beatrix some gifts, mostly without my help.  Many projects have been begun, and almost as many have been abandoned.  I do believe that Larkspur has made at least one thing for Beatrix, and then decided that she would rather keep it for herself 🙂  It’s been pretty messy around here, but in a good way.
I’ve been working every evening for a couple of hours to complete Bea’s gifts.  With the exception of a few new board books, this will be an entirely handmade birthday for her.
I am hoping to have time to sew her birthday dress tomorrow!  Everything else is finished.
I’ll be back Tuesday, I hope, to share a bit of her birthday with you, and then Wednesday we’ll have a last yarn along before Thanksgiving, and then hopefully I will be sharing details on Bea’s gifts the rest of the week.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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