Birthday knits: Milo vest and legwarmers

Last winter, Beatrix wore a little Milo vest nearly everyday.  I was thankful that the vests I knit her still fit this year as the weather started to turn colder.  But to my dismay, she has started screaming when I make a move to dress her in her little vests lately.  I tell her that it’s cold and she needs her vest and she screams “no!”
Last year’s vests were gray and brown (so they would match everything!) and I thought maybe that was the problem.  You know how little girls are.  Larkspur mainly likes pink and purple (sometimes red) and it’s possible that Beatrix is starting to catch on.  Pink is the one color she recognizes.
I had some fun variegated yarn in my stash, with no plans for it, so I decided I would knit Beatrix a new Milo for her birthday with some matching legwarmers.  Of course I was in New Mexico when I knit the vest and didn’t have Beatrix in front of me to gauge how big I should make it, and it ended up a bit snug.  The legwarmers turned out perfectly though!
This picture pretty much sums up how much Beatrix loves her new vest.  My plan didn’t work.  I should have just ordered some pink yarn I guess.  Or maybe she just doesn’t love vests.  Who knows?  This one will probably end up on someone else’s baby!
She really does like her legwarmers (I think.)  She sat down to put them on as soon as she unwrapped them on her birthday, although in this picture she is taking them off.  They did stay on for longer than five minutes.  Maybe as it gets colder she will appreciate these little knits a bit more.
(regarding the legwarmers I used the simple k2 p2 pattern from my wee legwarmers pattern, starting with a cast on of 24 stitches)
Legwarmers are so cute on little ones!  So are vests…would someone please tell Beatrix that?


  1. Ursula Truter says:

    hi Ginny

    your knitting is beautiful and so is your gorgeous daughter. could it be that the wool is too warm for her?

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