Remarkable Trees of Virginia: Winchester Cottonwood

I was worried that this eastern cottonwood would be a disappointment.  Considering that it is the secod largest in the state, I am not sure what I was thinking.  This tree was beautiful and well worth the (longer than I expected) drive to Winchester.
Eastern Cottonwood (Populus detltoides) is a short lived fast growing tree.  So while this tree was the size of some of the gigantic old oaks we have visited, it is most likely around a hundred years old.  The bark is pretty incredible, with beautiful deep fissures.
We were lucky to visit on a windy day, getting to hear the wonderful and unique rustle of the leaves in the breeze.
For the first time on one of our tree visits, Larkspur posed against the tree and shouted, “I’m ready for my picture, Mommy!”
Getting a group picture proved more difficult.  My hot and sweaty kids were not in the mood!
They look thrilled, right?
Bea is definitely amused by my efforts to take group photos and loves to get up and run off with a big grin on her face.
Our tree adventures have been lots of fun, but next week, I believe we will be sticking close to home.  Mama needs a break, and my house and garden need some attention!
p.s. I do like Winchester!

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