Remarkable Trees of Virginia: Oak Ridge Estate White Oak

We weren’t sure of the exact location of this white oak tree, but shortly after turning down the road we believed it to be on, the tree, in it’s isolated spot on a hillside with beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, became obvious.   This nearly four hundred year old oak has been the subject of both amateur and professional paintings (including this one.) In the Remarkable Trees of Virginia book, it is appropriately located in the Old Trees section.
Our time with this huge old oak was brief, but worthwhile.  There was no climbing and no picnic this time, just a quick visit to pay our resepcts I guess you could say.
I am loving taking all these tree photos, and look forward to compiling them someday for my children.  I am amused by all of the group pictures of them looking in different directions.  A portrait photographer, I am not!  I do believe that my kids will really appreciate these photos and the memories associated with them one day.


  1. love beautiful sites like this, and would love to visit this tree and possibly meeting you all for the story of it and your family

  2. If you don’t know much about where this tree is it is located on the land of Oak Ridge Estate in Nelson County, VA which was an enormous and beautiful estate in the early 20th century, was left to the elements for over 60 years and has been cleaned up and restored tremendously since it was purchased in the 1980’s by the Holland family. The grave near the tree is that of the owner’s son who passed away in a four-wheeler accident, and since you visited the owner of the property passed away from meningitis and is buried there, also a good friend and family member of mine had his ashes spread there this year, I believe it is one of the most beautiful trees I’ve seen.. also word of advice if the owner had seen you taking pics by the tree they wouldn’t have been to happy and told you to leave since it is their personal property that they live on, I personally don’t care since you just took pics with your kids and left and I’m glad you were able to enjoy the tree and I hope the kids cherish those pictures for years to come

    • No It wasn’t me that took the pics … I just moved down here a few months ago and loving it so far and look forward to making this one of the places to visit.

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