An accidental sweater

Earlier this summer I happened upon some cotton yarn at a local closeout store.  While it wasn’t a color I would have typically chosen, it was wonderfully soft.  I bought the few skeins available thinking I could knit an inexpensive little sweater for Beatrix to wear this fall.
I decided to modify a cardigan pattern, turning it into a pullover.  Well, evidently my gauge was off (despite swatching) and the further I got into the sweater the more worried I became.
I realized that not only would this sweater swallow Beatrix, but I was going to run out of yarn!  So Beatrix’s little sweater became Larkspur’s big Fall sweater.  And I had to order two additional skeins of yarn to be able to finish it, so it lost it’s inexpensive status.  The end result is not perfect.  It’s too wide and not quite long enough.  But the sweater’s incredible softness makes up for it’s imperfections, and make Larkspur happy to call it hers even though it isn’t pink or purple.

I discovered a great U.S. based factory to order wooden toggles from, and ever since they arrived “toggle” has been one of Beatrix’s favorite words (along with “cool.“)
Another set of toggles ended up on Beatrix’s winter jacket (thank goodness that one turned out allright!), but it’s too hot for me to ask her to model that yet, so I’ll share it in another month or so as the weather cools off.  She’s very pleased with both the jacket and especially her very own toggles.
Larkspur is very pleased that this sweater ended up being hers.
But she still charged me a dollar to take her picture wearing it.
Well, I’m just being honest.

I also want to direct you to Rhythm of the Home, whose Autumn issue was launched today. It looks pretty incredible!  I contributed a felted soap tutorial, something we have been enjoying here lately amidst our other felting endeavors.
In addition to the new issue, there is a giveaway going on at the Rhythm of the Home blog.  I was pleased to contribute to the giveaway:   materials to make a bar of felted soap including some beautiful natural brown wool roving from here in Virginia, accent wool in a rainbow of colors, a bar of pure castile soap, a reusable cotton bag to hold it along with a blank photo notecard so that you have everything you need to give a great little gift.  If you’d like a chance to win this or some other great prizes, head over to the ROTH blog!

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