Second week of August

A beautiful late evening sky, with a little rainbow.  We pulled off the road so I could take a few pictures on the way home.  Jonny stayed in the car with the kids who were all complaining that they needed to go to the bathroom.  I quickly took lots of photos (and didn’t feel guilty.  they always all need to go to the bathroom.)
This isn’t edited at all!  The sky was magnificent.
Beatrix has decided that she likes to sit on the little potty.  I mean she really likes to, and we can hardly keep a diaper on her.  She doesn’t have the awareness thing down yet, so being potty trained is not on the immediate horizon, but she is definitely interested.
(and a huge thanks to my dear mom who photoshopped this picture to make Beatrix decent so I could share it-her shirt wasn’t quite that long to begin with!)
***And by the way, that is a brand new toilet she is sitting next to, for any of you who had to brave the old gray toilet that I could not ever get clean.  I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention it.  Honestly, this (and the matching white pedestal sink) was the highlight of my week!  I never knew I could get so excited about a toilet!
Seth is currently hooked on The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.  He totally recognizes that the Nancy Drew’s are better, by the way.  I printed checklists of both series for him, remembering how I wrote out a list of the Nancy Drews by hand when I was a kid so I could check them off as I read them.  Honestly, this is not my favorite sort of reading, a bit too much like brain candy, and not the best thing for Seth.  However, he reads lots and lots of really good literature, so I am not going to deny him a bit of fun.  I did realize he was getting a little too obsessed when he was up for a couple hours in the night and claimed that even in the dark he felt like he was still reading.  He isn’t affected like that by the other books he reads, so I am placing limits on how much time he spends with Nancy, Frank, and Joe (like no more than one a day!)
We took an evening trip to the river a couple of days ago and had lots of fun.  Trudy really proved herself a water dog.
We already knew that she loves water, but she really impressed us this trip!
In the “me” category, I bought a new shirt and got a haircut (mentioned because getting out by myself to do something just for myself isn’t very common.)  Nevermind that it’s not exactly the haircut I asked for (and nevermind the fact that I had been contemplating growing it back out; let’s face it, not everyone looks good with long hair!)
But here is the where I have been spending every spare moment.  I am working hard to get everything ready to start school first of September.  I have made new spreadsheets, ordered supplies, and cleaned and organized. However, the bulk of my time is being spent writing a science lesson plan inspired by my love of trees.  I promise to share more about that and the rest of our homeschooling plans for this year soon.  I am filled with both excitement and trepidation.  I know you homeschooling mamas understand that!

I love to hear from you!