Needle Felting Fun

Today was the first time my kids tried needle felting, although they have been wet felting for years. While I didn’t give them any direction for their felted scenes, the three boys all began by essentially copying each other, but then each becoming more original with little details. Larkspur of course created a pink and purple collage. Only one finger got poked by one of the (sharp!) needles, and much fun was had by all.
I can’t buy these items locally (unless I want to drive over an hour and possibly end up in bad D.C. traffic!) so I mail order.
I’ve been ordering wool roving and other supplies from Weir Crafts for many years, and have always been happy.
I am waiting on a few needle holders to arrive in the mail from Nova Natural, as I like the design (and the price!) of the ones they sell.
I am hoping to create some cute little animals using either this book: Little Felted Animals: Create 16 Irresistible Creatures with Simple Needle-Felting Techniques, or this one:  Sweet Needle Felts: 25 Projects to Wear, Give & Hug for guidance.

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