Two Princesses in the Forest

One summer day, two young princesses headed on a journey.  The elder princess took care to make sure the younger princess didn’t lose her way, holding her hand and pulling her along when she threatened to lag behind.
Princess Larkspur was ever so watchful, searching for any sign of danger that might threaten her and young Princess Beatrix.
Once they reached the forest, she knew they were safe.
Surrounded by the safety of her forest, the young princess became careless, and even lost her royal crown along the way.
Thankfully, the crown was quickly found, and young Princess Beatrix was able to tend to her part in the important work of the day.
Upon a glance, the passing creature might not know what that work might be,
but the two young princesses knew just what they were doing.
The trees were inspected for good health, and then served as lookout spots.
 The princesses are always searching for new friends.
Sadly, on this day no new friends were made.
The princesses were not discouraged, they simply resumed their important work,
always being mindful, always taking great care.
When work is carried out with determination and good cheer,
the time passes quickly,
and soon enough,
the time comes to make the journey home.
Along their way, the princesses stopped to pick wildflowers, careful not to take them all.
Young Princess Beatrix grew weary,
and looked frequently to her elder sister for guidance, and encouragement.
With the joy of each other’s company, the princesses made quick work of returning home.

What an adventure they shared that fine summer day,

but what a joy to be home again.

The Princess in the Forest
The Princess in the Forest is one of Larkspur’s favorite books, and I love it because of it’s simple story (leaving plenty of room for imagination) combined with beautiful illustrations.  I decided to bring it to life for my daughters, by creating Princess in the Forest outfits for both of them.  I started by drafting a crown pattern similar to the one worn by the princess, and sewing crowns for Larkspur and Beatrix.  Next I sewed them each a simple tunic from lightweight red cotton lawn fabric, and finally knitted them each a pair of golden slippers.  This entire project is very simple, suitable for the beginning seamstress and knitter.
Here are the details:
Crown:  I used gold wool felt purchased at my local JoAnn, and one inch wide elastic to make it.  I am making my pattern available to you to download and have also created a tutorial on how to make it.  The links are in my sidebar, and the tutorial is also HERE.
Tunic:  I used red cotton lawn fabric because it was summer, and I wanted something thin.  Red flannel would be great for cooler months.  I used the nightdress pattern in Making Children’s Clothes: 25 Stylish Step-by-step Sewing Projects for 0-5 YearsHowever, you could use this free tutorial, and simply extend the length of the body and sleeves, and omit the sleeve elastic. 
Slippers:  I used three skeins of this yarn, in gold, and followed this free pattern.  Just looking at the pattern it is hard to visualize the finished project as each slipper is simply made from eight knitted squares, seamed up and then felted.  The pattern is on ravelry if you want to see other’s finished projects.  These are very easy to make.
Larkspur and Beatrix will tell you that these outfits are their favorite mama made treasures!
And stay tuned, because I will be hosting a giveaway complete with the materials you need to make your own forest princess outfit, in addition to a copy of The Princess in the Forest very soon!


  1. Stupidest post ever!!!!!!

  2. I have been reading your blog for days, I adore it, feel like you are now a friend and that I know your children (i know that is delusional, but I can pretend too) and this is my favorite post so far. Just lovely! You are a good mom.


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