Summer Pants and a Stripey Sweater

So here’s take two on the pants/bloomers I sewed using a pattern from Making Children’s Clothes: 25 Stylish Step-by-step Sewing Projects for 0-5 Years.  I am much happier with these.  They are very light weight as I used cotton gauze this time.
They are trimmed with some vintage yellow ric rac I had on hand.
And then there’s the sweater.  I modified the same shrug pattern I used to make Larkspur’s birthday shrug, making it full length, adding buttons all the way down, and adding long sleeves.  The yarn is a cotton, silk, and wool blend, making it a nice choice for spring and fall.
The buttons are vintage, from the collection of sewing notions that I inherited from my Grandmother via my dear Aunt Genie (yellow ric rac from same stash.  See Aunt Genie, I incorporate a little of Grandmom into most things I make.)
The sleeves are loose and open, no decreases, finished with a simple rolled edge that I can easily add length to as Bea grows.
The collar is a thin band of garter stitch.
As with most of my attempts to take pictures of my kids, most of these were shot from behind, as Beatrix ran around the yard.
 I believe the pants will serve as bloomers next year, and the sweater should still fit as well.
I’ve got so many knitting projects on the brain right now, but I am sticking to my rule of one at a time.  It’s very very hard.
The end
of that photo session.

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