Since Friday

Well, actually, let me back up to last Thursday.  I received the most wonderful and generous gift from Heidi, who is a close friend of the woman we bought our house from eight years ago.  She had a spinning wheel and a table top loom that she was no longer using and thought that I might like to have them.  Of course I wanted them!  So now there are a couple of new hobbies looming on my horizon and I am so excited.  Thank you so much Heidi!
I did get all those strawberry plants in the ground with Keats’ help.  Strawberry plants are a little tricky to plant because you are supposed to set them in with the crown just so, but Keats is so detail oriented that I am happy to have his help.  He’s still a little boy so things aren’t always perfect, but I really believe in letting my children help with the real work of keeping a garden, and letting go of my own urges to redo their work when it isn’t quite how I would have done things.
Of course I still planted about eighty five of the plants myself since Keats has the attention span of a little boy as well!  This was truly a big job because after Jonny set the beds in place (four beds are planted in strawberries) he and I worked together to haul compost to each bed and spread it over the soil.  Then the strawberry plants were put in the ground (we don’t plant in mounds) with about a foot between them.  Rather than grow through black plastic as many growers do, we mulched with a layer of newspaper covered in used chicken bedding.  We don’t mulch too close to the crown of the plants to prevent rot.
I am so pleased with this investment I have made in next Summer’s berry season!
I’m also happy to be putting our used chicken bedding to good use.
I did a bit of sewing and made progress on a couple of my current projects.  Larkspur got her much requested pink and purple skirt.
She even wore it to bed the first night, she loves it so much.
Beatrix immediately began urgently inquiring (in “baby talk”) as to where her skirt was.  I hadn’t thought to make her one because skirts on babies look a bit too grown up for my taste.  So, I quickly sewed one of these up for her.
, Bea was over the moon excited when I presented her with this little skirt, and immediately ran over to the mirror to look at herself in it.  What a girly girl she is!
So I guess she’s growing up, but only just a little bit.  She can’t help but want to be like her big sista.
And oh my goodness, can you believe that Sunday evening poor Jonny came down with a case of acute appendicitis?  He had surgery this morning and is doing well.  This was quite unexpected and hard for Jonny.  Does the excitement ever end?
Finally, I can’t thank you all enough for your comments and emails regarding our adoption and disruption.  I appreciate you all so much.  I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and reply to emails yet as I have been on my own with my little ones for the past twenty four hours.  But please know that you all blessed me with your words and I am so thankful.  I am in a really good place I think, getting there for sure.
**I’ve had a couple of emails that intense debate isn’t allowing/publishing any comments this morning.  I don’t know what the deal is.  Try leaving a comment would you? and let me know if you run into problems.  You can email me at ginnysheller(at)gmail(com).  Thanks!

I love to hear from you!