Sewing for Sanity?

Well, last night I ended up doing some more sewing after all.  It may have been a mistake.
Last year after sewing my first dress, I got all excited and bought fabric to make several more of the same, but got distracted and moved on to sewing other things.  So last night against my better judgement, I decided to pull out some of that funny Japanese fabric and make another flower girl dress from Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching 
(I pretty much taught myself to sew with that book.)
And it’s not that the dress turned out badly. It didn’t. It’s actually very cute, and I remember why I like the pattern so much. It’s easy and you can sew it up in an evening.
It’s just that I think that knitting is a bit more therapeutic for me.  I tend to be all hunched up and tight in the shoulders after focusing so hard on sewing straight lines and maybe that messes up my brain.
Knitting is relaxing and so orderly.
So here’s what happened today:
I loaded up several of my kids (in my big so cool passenger van) to run a few errands.  Our first stop was our local Knitter’s Cottage, which is sadly, going out of business.  I stocked up on buttons and wool wash, chatted with the nice woman who has run that store for such a long time, and then headed back to the van.  The route that one must take when leaving the Knitter’s Cottage is a narrow gravel alleyway tucked between backyards.  Do you know the type drive I am talking about?  Back when this neighborhood was built, there probably weren’t any moms of many driving big hoopty (is that a word?) vans.  Otherwise I am sure that it would have been made wider.  I’ve never had any trouble though, maneuvering my way through.  That is until today, when to my horror I heard a lound bang, crunch, scrape, as I drove down the alleyway.  I wasn’t distracted, I wasn’t yelling at my kids in the backseat (not that I have ever done that :-).  I was watching where I was going looking straight ahead.  But somehow I hit something.  When I got out (to look for my missing passenger side mirror) I realized that I had somehow driven into a fence that had fallen over and was sort of blocked from view by tree branches.
So my errands were cut short as my front windshield was broken and making scary noises making me worry that it was going to collapse on me.  It was quite cracked and broken bits of glass covered the dash.
However, I did have to make my last stop to pick up the raw milk we buy through a local co op.  Luckily the windshield held up, and I pulled that dangling passenger mirror in through the window so it wouldn’t fall off.
On the way home both Keats and Larkspur needed to use the bathroom.  Because, my goodness, they always need to go the bathroom when we are out, and they never realize that until we are between stops.  So I made a pit stop at a fast food joint.  At this point Beatrix had become very fussy.  So I did a sort of good mommy/bad mommy thing.  I went up to the counter and ordered a treat that my children rarely get:  french fries.  We would be sitting in traffic on the way home and this might curb Bea’s fussiness, and help preserve what was left of my nerves.   Just as I reached for a handful of napkins, a man doing the same turned into me with a tray full of food and a big soft drink.  The drink crashed to the floor making a huge mess.  It was just not my day.
However, did you see those red chairs?  I grabbed them on the way home from the fast food place at a little thrift store run by a woman who arranges the furniture she has for sale outside her building each day.  So they were my little silver lining I guess.
Oh, and I also hit my head pretty hard on our staircase this evening after I got home.  I have a knot there now.  It really was just one of those days.
Tonight I will be knitting.
Here are a few shots of Larkspur, child of many faces, wearing her new dress.
She’s getting ready to gather eggs, and obviously thinking about something profound here.
Here she is laughing because I am trying to take her picture and she is running.  Yes, I am familiar with that game; very funny.
Regarding the dress, I made it big enough that it should fit her for two years.  Next year I can add a ruffle at the bottom for length.
And yes, you can still swing from muscadine vines while wearing a dress!
We are outdoors everyday and yes I take pictures most everyday, so it is only natural that I participate in The Great Outdoor Challenge!
(Play along with us during the month of April for Children and Nature Awareness Month by posting a picture of your child(ren) each day enjoying the outdoors! Get outdoors and climb a tree!)

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