Grateful Weekend

We are making progress on our garden overhaul.
Everybody is pitching in.  Hopefully all the beds will be in place in the next week or two.
The four beds that are in place and planted were weeded and mulched with aged cat litter today.  Yes, cat litter.  We actually don’t have any indoor cats anymore, but we have a huge mound of decomposing pine litter from the days when we did (all the cat doo was flushed before we dumped the litter in the pile 🙂
I am very proud of my boys for working so hard today.
Our peas germinated poorly, and the kids keep eating the shoots we have, so I may need to plant some more!
Beatrix really likes gathering eggs, the only problem is that she breaks most of them!  In that basket there are about a dozen cracked eggs.
I added a ruffle to Larkspur’s flower girl dress from last year.  Now it’s actually a bit too long, but she loves it.  I love that she can still wear it!
Larkspur also still loves these coloring booksI made last year.  It’s time to make some more!
Umm, I think I have used a geeky amount of exclamation points in this post.  I guess I am feeling perky this evening….!
And while I am grateful for all these little bits of our weekend, I am most grateful for the moment today, when rather than continue to try to calm one of my children who was out of control angry, I finally realized that I couldn’t help him except by praying.  So I walked into his room where he was absolutely beside himself to the point that I was afraid, sat down on his bed beside him, and began to pray the Rosary.  Thank goodness for prayers that don’t involve my having to think of the right words.  In situations like today’s they just don’t come for me.  I prayed through tears and by the time I was finished my son was calm and composed.  That was the highlight of my weekend, and it made such an impact on both of us.  We both ended up with smiles on our faces and grateful hearts full of love rather than anger.

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