Following B’s Pants

I recently made a pair of pants for Beatrix using the baby bloomers pattern from Making Children’s ClothesSo, technically these are supposed to be bloomers.  But, they remind me of tight rolled pants, or even better:  “Hammer pants,” as in, M.C. Hammer pants.  You do know what I am talking about, don’t you?
And of course anytime I make something for one of my kids, I have to take pictures of them wearing their new whatever it is.
I took so many pictures of B’s Hammer pants that I realized you could basically follow her day looking at these.

She loves our cat Silas, as do all our kids.  Silas is one of the original Georgia cats who moved here with us eight years ago.
He is extremely sweet and extremely tolerant.  But he does reach a point where he must walk away.
So, all that outdoor play wore little Beatrix out.
I am sure she took a really long nap this day.  Maybe an entire half hour.
I find it amazing how little sleep it takes to return Beatrix to her refreshed and ready to play self.
Anyway, about the pants.  I think I will try this pattern again using a cotton gauze fabric, and make a couple of other changes.
Here the pants are pushed up a bit, a little more bloomer like.  Maybe I should have tightened the elastic more around the legs.  I didn’t want them to bother her though.
I sort of like the idea of long pants gathered at the ankles for a child this age.  It seems like they would better lend themselves to play than regular wide legged pants.  I am not sure about the fashion statement they make, but I am not too concerned about that either.
The ric rac around the bottom of the legs is cute, as are old dirty hand me down mary janes.
(photo by Gabe)
Okay, here is where things stop being quite so cute.  Larkspur, for starters, has on an odd outfit.  Tights with a tank top.  I think I am probably commenting on her style.  And then there’s me:  On the positive side I am wearing my favorite color scheme from childhood, “watermelon colors.”  On the negative side, those colors aren’t quite so cute on an adult, and those are maternity excercise pants I am wearing.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t leave the house wearing that.  Oh, and just ignore Keats and the fact that Beatrix has her hand in my shirt.
(photo by Gabe)
Okay, continuing to ignore Keats, and the fact that I let Beatrix do this.  She’s a fiend.  I don’t know what to do.  My mother told me that I foster this behavior.  Yeah, I haven’t stopped her, so I guess I do.  Honestly, I don’t usually let her nurse in this fashion.  I was having an off moment here I promise.  I was distracted by the contrast of B’s cute pants surrounded by all the other bad fashion.
She will stop this by the time she is two right?  Two is the cut off.  The limit.  That’s reasonable.  Okay mom?
(photo by Gabe or Keats.  I am not sure.  They were taking turns.)
I guess I didn’t convice Larkspur to put on any pants.
And now I am finished following Beatrix around in her new pants.

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