Today was a very sleepy day for me, so not quite so much got done.  I admired my grandmother’s lace on these little pants I made for Larkspur, but didn’t get the chance nor did I have the energy to sew the shirt to match.  I did read Lark some new (to us) Charlotte Zolotow books sitting in the sunshine of the back porch though.  She’s one of my favorite children’s authors.  Big Sister and Little Sister is my all time favorite going back to my childhood.  I can remember my mom reading it to my sister and I when we had been fighting.
Seth and I dropped off King the mean rooster at a nearby farm on our way to piano lessons.  I think he will have a happy life there.  My friend who took him says that he’s got plenty of hens…
We still have our other two roosters, Gimp and Tail Down (named by the boys) and so far they aren’t attacking anyone.  Gimp is the head rooster and Tail Down is second in command.  Maybe King just had an inferiority complex.  Funny that he was dubbed King back before the pecking order was established.
I made it through my piano lesson, but then was too sleepy to knit so I took pictures of my friend’s stuff.
Her little four year old daughter took me outside and directed me as to what I should be photographing.

These three crocus shots were at her command.


I thought a cow photo would be nice to break up all the chicken pictures, but the neighbor’s cows didn’t agree.  They did not like me taking their picture.
So back to my chicks.
And my kitties.  I didn’t realize that Old Nicodemus and Mr. Jinx are friends.
This would have been very nice if Jinx were in focus.  What was funny is that I was headed over to the garden and Jinx started running after me and then a big group of chickens followed.  Our chickens really aren’t very tame but they will still follow us around the yard.  Actually they sort of chase us in a big flock and it is sort of scary.
Here is a little scene from Larkspur’s mud pie kitchen.  She keeps it well stocked with dirt and fresh flowers.

So I keep meaning to write a homeschooling post, but can’t seem to muster up the mental energy.  If I wrote it tonight it would probably be a big mess and you would walk away thinking that our focus is origami and dirt.  Actually today there was no school due to a tired mama.
I did add the blank excel sheet that I use to plan my lessons for Seth over in the right hand column.  It is available in two formats, a pdf, and an excel file.  The pdf can be printed as is, but probably wouldn’t be much use to anyone as it is based on the planner for the curriculum I loosely follow for Seth (Mother of Divine Grace-it’s a classical Catholic curriculum).  However, the excel file, which by the way you have to actually download it to see what it actually looks like for some reason, can be modified, but the bones are already there which would be helpful to me (were my husband not an excel wiz).  I don’t make lesson plans for Keats or Gabe, I just know what I need to do each day.  Kindergarten and first grade are not too involved at my house.
Feel free to ask questions and if you want to know more, I will write a more detailed post in the next few days.

***And thank you so much for all the input on the night terrors.  I feel like I understand much better now how to avoid them in the future, if possible.  Yesterday Beatrix for the first time in her life did not take a nap.  I don’t know why.  She is not easy to get to sleep and is a bad sleeper all around I’d say.  She is also teething.  So today I did sort of a bedtime routine at naptime with a lavender bath, oil rubdown, followed by nursing and a ride on my back which resulted in a one hour nap.  Yes, that is how she goes to sleep 75% of the time-we have to put her on either my back or Jonny’s.  I’ve not had this experience before.  What happened to nursing to sleep???  Beatrix is definitely a bit more delicate than my other kids were and I am curious to see what sort of temperament she has in a few years.  She at sixteen months is still eating like a bird (well a monkey-mainly bananas) and getting most of her calories from nursing.  I think she inherited her sleep difficulties from me.  It’s hard to go to sleep when there are so many exciting things to do!

I love to hear from you!