This and That


I repurposed an old linen skirt of mine for Larkspur.  It took about ten minutes to cut off the old waistband and create a new one to fit her.
Considering that I don’t think I ever wore that skirt, it feels really good to see it on Larkspur.


The forsythia is in full bloom.  The chickens think it is really tasty and you can very clearly see the line that marks the height they can reach when eating the blossoms.


The corkscrew willow is always the first to get leaves and it happens so quickly.


  Keats took this photo when I wasn’t even around.  He has a habit of sneaking off with my camera.


  A bit of dress up glamour I caught today.


  And I have gotten out a few times lately:  twice to help a group of women living in a shelter learn how to knit and crochet.  I am not sure I am that much help, but luckily there are two other women teaching too.  I provide moral support and take pictures.


The evidence of my nerdy habit of taking pictures of whatever I am reading with whatever I am knitting:  reading Silence by Shusaku Endo (book group pick) and knitting a Chirimen cardigan for Beatrix.
I actually finished reading Silence today.  It is incredible, brutal, haunting, and just so good if you can handle it.  Seriously, read it.  Don’t let the crucifix on the cover stop you if you aren’t Catholic or even religious.  I believe that Shusaku Endo is considered Japan’s leading author and this book is for anyone (it was written in 1966 btw).  Here’s a wikipedia link with more information, and evidently there will be a film version released in 2011.  So read it, and then let’s talk about it.
Next up is my pick.  We have read so many good books lately in my book group and I don’t want to blow this streak.  I am thinking In this House of Brede, but of course we just read Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy also by Rumer Godden.  Does that matter?  I would also like to read Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner.  Thoughts or suggestions?
**And thanks so much for all the kind pantry comments.  Jonny read them all 🙂

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