Simple and Good

This weekend was full of outdoor play and simple ordinary accomplishments.  The weather was beautiful so I started some much needed clean up in our yard.  I still have quite a ways to go.  The boys pay little attention to aesthetics when gathering materials for their play.  To put it simply, right now our property looks terrible.  That’s okay, there’s no neighborhood association here, and we give people something to talk about when they pass our house.
Larkspur’s outdoor kitchen was created, and I will hopefully make it out to some thrift shops for a few more kitchen items soon.  She is pleased with what I have created for her thus far.  I’m amazed by the play value of a few old ammo boxes and some little pots and pans.
Jonny mastered crown molding over the weekend, and made so much progress on our pantry.  Shelves will be going in over the next few days, and then hooks for coats and baskets for shoes.  There is an exterior door on one side of the pantry, and a door to the kitchen on the other side so it is going to serve as a mudroom in addition to a pantry.
Jonny and I also created a great lesson plan spreadsheet for homeschooling, and I am excited to put it to use tomorrow.  My previous system was okay, but not nearly as appealing visually.  Tonight I am going to set up a new notebook for Seth and re-organize all his papers to surprise him.  I think he will like the new planner that will allow him to easily see what he needs to accomplish each day and even has a little box to check off when he finishes a task.  If anyone is interested, I would be happy to share it.  It’s an excel spreadsheet, and would be very easy to customize.
I also organized the pens and pencils.  Exciting stuff.
Now it’s time to straighten up and get ready for tomorrow.  We are planning an afternoon fossil hunt, so I need to be prepared to get all of our “have to’s” done in the morning.
Beatrix is loving being able to spend more time outdoors.  There is so much excitement in her.  Every new little thing makes her happy.
The discovery of a sleeping cat (old Nicodemus) is always a thrill.  You never know if this might be the time that the cat doesn’t wake up and run into the bushes to hide.
Oh, but not this time.
You’re so sweet, but poor old Nic doesn’t know that.
Sorry Beatrix.  Maybe next time.
**And I ought to share that we had a really nice simple dinner tonight.  When I say simple, I mean it was easy, but still very tasty.  I think I have finally found my favorite lentil recipe.  Kyrie posted her weekly meal plan in addition to links to some recipes so I added one to our weekly meal plan.  Tonight we had the mujadara that she linked to as well as this really good salad.  Very good.

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