Much Better

Thanks for commiserating with me over yesterday.  I really appreciated all your words even if you just took the time to tell me, “hey, me too.”
Today was another beautiful day outdoors and we made it our off day from lessons (we homeschool four days/week). I spent the first half of the day cooking, and then took a few hours this afternoon to hit some thrift stores with Keats (for any of you thrift store junkies out there, I scored a beautiful, big, striped, wool blanket in perfect condition for two bucks!!!)I rotate who goes with me on errands when I can, to give the kids some alone time. I always take whoever is with me for a special treat. Keats got a donut from the best local bakery in town. Lucky devil. I just watched him eat it and thought that I really need to make some gluten free donuts.  Actually, I thought more about the times he and I used to sit in that bakery eating donuts after dropping Seth off at his Montessori school, years ago.  Years ago when I only had two kids.  So weird.


I managed to get a picture today, maybe not the best, but a picture anyway of Keats with short hair.  Short sticking up hair and dirty knees.  The haircut is not so bad now that it has had a week or so to grow a bit.
**Seth’s hair is still long. That’s probably not going to change any time soon!
Keats found a spotted salamander today.  I don’t know anything about salamanders.  I had a friend in forestry school whose big area of research was salamanders, but I never gleaned any information on them from her.
This one was very slow moving, don’t know if that’s typical, and really very cute.
And I did stay up last night and sew.  I made a peasant style top using a pattern from Making Children’s Clothes.  I made a very very big peasant style top, I should say.  Luckily I used cheap cotton gauze and will know how to modify the pattern for next time.
Despite the shirt’s hugeness, Larkspur wore it anyway.
Before I could comb her wet hair after her bath, she had donned one of her signature headbands and was outside running around,
spinning circles, and dancing.
Until “her legs got tired” and she started begging me to carry her.
She’s the dramatic type.
I carried her inside and we sat down for a very serious heart to heart.
I am sure she gave me this look after telling me that next time I sew her something it really ought to be pink.

I love to hear from you!