Our Weekend

He lit his own candles
and blew them out, about half a dozen times.  He had to get it right.
Gluten free sour cream coffee cake, delicious!  (recipe from back of Pamela’s bag)
Bread dough, just sitting in the fridge and waiting for me to pull it out and bake it.
The most horrible sewing project ever.  I mean it was awful.  But it’s all over now.  I just need to paint the bathroom to match.
I started an Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless raglan sweater for Beatrix about a month ago.  (can you tell I let my kids wind my yarn?) I had to take a break to knit a few other things, but now I am focusing on finishing it up in the next week or so.  I started the first sleeve today.  This is a first for me, knitting sleeves.  I must say though, I am sick of looking at this yarn.  I bought too much of it before Christmas (same yarn I used for Larkspur’s hat and legwarmers.)
The truth about Beatrix’s Christmas doll.  Yes, she’s been doll-napped.  Beatrix doesn’t care.  In her eyes the doll is worthless.  It cannot carry her around, nor does it lactate.
My three boys in the snow.  They love the snow.
These past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about Ezra.  Strange that I used to have four boys.  Things do feel good though, and right.  There have been no second thoughts, no regrets, no misgivings.  Still, if I let myself think about him my throat closes and my eyes fill with tears. I remind myself:  the right decision is not always the easy one.
(He’s doing very well with his new family.)

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