A new handknit for Little Miss Gets What She Wants

I have this baby.

Her name is Beatrix.  She looks really cute when she first wakes up.

But don’t let that cute little face fool you.  She knows how to get what she wants.  She was born that way.
And while of course I believe all my children are brilliant, this one is definitely a genius.  Definitely.  She’s got us all wrapped tightly around her tiny little fingers.
Never have I had a baby at nearly fourteen months old still nursing like a newborn (including those night feedings that are just no fun now that she has those teeth.) Never have I had a baby still insisting that she sleep right next to me.  Okay, that part is pretty sweet.  I guess there is no way to do this co-sleeping thing, minus the nursing which is just too bad.  I won’t go into details, but she has this viscious technique, that causes me such pain.  But oh how I love her.
Do you see that look she’s giving me?  Seriously she’s trouble.  Her sister was quite different.  Larkspur was the baby that led me to believe that I could have a dozen more babies if they were all like her.  She was the baby that slept through the night in her basket next to my bed at six weeks.  She was the baby that lost interest in nursing around a year, weaning herself completely by fifteen months.
Oh my gosh, Larkspur definitely grew up too fast.  Beatrix will be sleeping with me as long as she wants.  You never know which baby will be your last.  Anyone care to share any high maintenance baby stories with me?  Please don’t tell me that I am creating a monster.  I won’t believe you anyway.
And while Beatrix is little I will be knitting her as many things as I can.  These baby projects really suit my attention span.  I knit her a little vest to wear over her clothes a few weeks back to keep her extra toasty in our extra chilly house.  I decided that she needed another one knit with less scratchy wool.
(She likes to crawl into small spaces and shut herself in.  This picture was taken just before she pulled the little over doors shut.)
This time I used an alpaca, wool, silk blend yarn, included the cable that I left off last time, and used a knit 2 purl 3 rib for the bottom.  The garter stitch edge really flips up and this turned out better, although I forgot to go down a needle size so it is kind of loose.  I knit this big enough that she should be able to wear it next year as well.
A friend of mine teased me for knitting her other vest in gray.  I wonder what she’ll think about this brown one?  I am all about the neutrals.  That way no matter what Bea is wearing her vest won’t clash! And this could be worn by a little boy too.
I need to make one of these for Larkspur now.  I am going to use a sturdier superwash merino wool for hers. This yarn feels a little too delicate.  There is no way I will get away with knitting anything neutral for Larkspur though.
And by the way, cables are easy and fun!  This was my first one.  I love that about knitting.  There is always something new to learn.  I try to learn something with every new object I knit and that keeps things interesting.  Here’s the project on ravelry if you’re interested in the pattern.

I love to hear from you!