Late night knitting and getting ready for Christmas

I stayed up too late last night to finish this little vest for Beatrix.  I like the concept of keeping a child’s core warm, and because we are hoping to hike throughout the winter, my two littlest ones need woolen vests, right?
I threw it over her head almost the second her eyes opened this morning, to see if it fit.
It does.
It’s pretty cute.
I won’t say that she likes it, but she hasn’t protested wearing it.  She’s had it on all day.
Now I have to get to work on all the Christmas knitting I have planned.  Nothing fancy, but there’s a lot to make!  Five hats, a sweater, and another vest.  And speaking of Christmas, I spent a little while yesterday searching for a new Christmas album, wanting simple piano music (no singing) that my children could sing along to if they wish.  This is what I ended up purchasing (as an mp3 download-my favorite way to buy music these days-no packaging!)  I am very pleased with it.  The pianist doesn’t try to put her own spin on the songs, they are simple, lovely, and traditional and just what I was looking for.  This is a great album to have playing in the background of your day.  A great companion is this inexpensive little book full of lyrics to popular Christmas songs.
Sunday evening we pulled out our box of Christmas books.  They stayed stored in the attic all year, only being read during Advent and Christmas.  I add a few new books each year.  This year’s additions are:  Jotham’s Journey:  A Storybook for Advent (thanks Crissy and Shelly for mentioning this!), and Christmas in the Trenches.  If you want to see a partial list of the books in our Christmas basket, here is a link to that.  Any suggestions for next year?
DSC_0503Oh, In case you’re interested in the vest pattern, here’s a link to my ravelry page.

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