Friday Craft: Felting

I realized that not all of my children have felted before, and decided we ought to have a felting party.  I have this silly amount of wool roving in colors that I don’t really like.  I ordered it many years ago from Weir dolls  and honestly I am not sure what I ordered it for.  Over the years I have made a bunch of cat toys with it, but that’s about it.  I am not a huge fan of wet felting because of the whole raisin effect on my hands, but I thought my kids would enjoy a go at it, and I was right.


Larkspur has been so anxious to do this ever since I mentioned it a few days ago.  She was the first at the table, ready to go.


The kids didn’t have a problem with the available colors.  I have to remind myself that not everyone likes to limit themselves to earth tones 🙂

I filled two large plastic tubs with hot soapy water, and then Jonny added one pot of really hot water.  There are no exact measurements here, just hot water and a bunch of dish soap.

The original idea was to make the old standby, felt balls.  But we really are all about the process around here, and my kids ended up making a variety of objects.  I just want them to enjoy what they are doing and explore with the tools I give them.


The wool is shaped and then dipped into the hot soapy water and then manipulated with the hands to facilitate the felting process and create whatever you want really.  I am no expert at this which doesn’t really matter for our purposes.  I view felting as modeling with wool.  My kids adore working with clay, so it only makes sense that they would enjoy wet felting.


Seth told me several times that this is the “best craft ever!”  He got all crazy and started making felt bowls with lids and lots of other creations.  Keats made a felt tsunami.  He has a thing for tsunamis.  He makes them with all sorts of mediums so I wasn’t surprised that he made one today.

Larkspur made “fairies with wings.” (use your imagination)


Keats made some nice felt balls.  His work is typically very neat and orderly.


All of the children claimed that many of the items they made were for Beatrix, which is pretty sweet.  She’s going to have a great birthday with all these handmade gifts!

Soon the weather will be too cold for these outdoor creativity sessions, so I am taking advantage of our last warm days!


  1. Crystal, I use Lightroom to edit photos. I got it a couple of months ago. I haven't learned much about it, so I just play with the contrast and the lighting and sometimes tweak the color a little, but I try to keep things looking realistic! What I like is that be editing the photos they end up looking more like what I saw when I took them.

  2. laura mouro says:

    So fun! You are so good at crafts with your kids. I so wish that was me. Alas, it is not.Let's do plan a visit!Laura

  3. Love the pictures. Love the craft. Love that you are able to be out doors. Love that you have all the kids home with you this year.

  4. Green Thumb Mama says:

    How fun!I have to ask: Is Larkspur your daughter's real name or is it an alias for your blog? It's such a pretty name! It seems to just fit her from all the personality she exudes in her photographs! 🙂

  5. what a fun craft! you've got warm weather still — that's wonderful. i love the last photo — showing the kiddos sitting on different colored chairs, the dog nearby, one with a sweatshirt and hood on, the other in a short sleeve t shirt. all the differences, all the same heart!

  6. This is inspiring, Thanks! My kids would love this as well. That gives me a good idea for when we move and have at least a patio to play and splash on. Your photography is amazing, are you editing it at all is straight out of the camera?

  7. Wife to the Rockstar says:

    Your photography is really amazing. And yourcraft posts are inspiring me!

  8. Anonymous says:

    wonderful idea! you are an amazing mother! sorry for leaving this anonymous – I don't know any other way to post comments here -staci

  9. This is really neat! I didn't have any idea this type of thing even existed or was possible; thanks for sharing!Ginny, I just adore your homesteading/homeschooling/outdoors/children combination. Every time I see posts of yours like this I just rave about what an ideallic setup it is. It makes me even more anxious for when we're able to move out of town!

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