simple hand sewing for kids (and other random bits)

I have had very little time to do any crafty stuff in the past few weeks and I am really hoping to finish my second legwarmer tonight!  Surely I can squeeze in 9 more rounds of k1 p1 ribbing and actually bind this thing off!  I am very ready to move on.  This weekend I am hoping to make making a bunch of ragdolls for a local charity.  I am pretty excited about them and really hope they turn out well!  So no deep thoughts tonight, just a few bits of randomness.
My boys enjoyed doing this simple little hand sewing project that I found in this post awhile back on the sew mama sew blog.  They each have a little banner hanging up on the wall in their room now.
I really shouldn’t show this picture.  Seriously I had nothing to do with this.  Jonny spoils Larkspur.  There, I said it, it’s out.  She has her own wind up flashlight that she goes to bed with along with markers and catalogs that she likes to circle things in by flashlight.  It’s not about wishing for those things, just the act of circling them.  She really likes to circle.  I understand.  I really like to add things to my Amazon wishlists.  Of course I really am wishing.
You can’t tell in this picture, but she is also wearing headphones connected to a little cassette player.  She listens to a Jim Weiss Good Night tape.  Seth and Keats used to listen to this tape or his other bedtime tape every single night.  I am not sure how we get into these “bad” habits with our kids (actually I point the finger at Jonny), but I don’t stress about it.  The boys go to sleep with out even a fan for noise now.  Larkspur passes out pretty quickly amongst all her bedtime props.
And lastly, I caught Seth giving Beatrix a piano lesson today.  He is convinced that she is going to be a pianist one day because she always crawls over, pulls to standing, and starts hitting the keys when he practices.  Seth rarely interacts with her, so every time he does I race for the camera!


  1. Just like Job. Hopefully he isn’t such a handful.

  2. Ginny, The leg warmers are beautiful, color and all. I had no idea that there were such beautiful patterns. Also, I don't need to say how I feel about Seth and the piano pic with Bea. You know how I feel. What a beautiful, precious, wonderful, awesome boy. Oh….I wasn't going to say…but I can't help it. Mom

  3. Wife to the Rockstar says:

    Love the last photos – so sweet. Tell Lark I like to circle things too 🙂

  4. oh wow~ those pics are just priceless!!!

  5. Well, I can't go to sleep without a fan. I've gone to sleep with a fan now for many, many, many years…..from before I met Craig. Now he is addicted, too. I wonder if he has a fan in Korea – and how he sleeps, if not. I'll have to ask!I do think the catalog and the circling is adorable. I get catalogs and look and want, and look and want and look, and look, and then, pretty soon I am sick of everything in there and I throw it away. Works beautifully – much cheaper than shopping.

  6. Liberia Adoption says:

    Gabe is getting big and really changing! He looks great!

  7. Now that's a photo to treasure. I just love it that he is teaching her which keys to press. How sweet. I would run for the camera too, that's great interaction.

  8. I loved the pics of Seth and Bea. Actually I like all the pics in the last few posts, just too lazy to comment on each one. Anyway I so enjoy your blog. Keep the pics coming. I never get tired of looking at chickens, or kids for that matter. I had a busy day today so I think I'm going to head on to bed. See you in a day or two!

  9. Essie the Accidental says:

    That reminds me, the new issue of knit simple has a bunch of cowl patterns.Love the colors and vibrancy of the first pic with Moses.

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