The story of a hat

knitting pattern for a simple newborn hat with a touch of lace
For me, the beauty of a handknit gift is that it can travel with me throughout my day, and with a few stitches here, a few stitches there, I eventually have something to give that not only has a purpose, but also carries with it the love that was poured into it during it’s journey to becoming, in this case, a hat for a precious newborn’s head.

I started this little hat a few days ago, and worked on it whenever I got the chance, enjoying every single stitch. I worked on it while walking around the yard with a herd of children and chickens and of course Beatrix on my back, during a cozy late evening snuggled in a chair with Seth, and while lying on a quilt in the yard with Moses and Bea.

newborn hat with a touch of lace
Yes, as tiny as it is, I am still a slow knitter with six children. This hat would be a quick one evening knit for someone with a spare evening.

And that is the story of this hat. I hope to get it in the mail today.

**In addition, if you are interested in knitting this hat for profit, you can now purchase a cottage license for the one time fee of $25.00.  For more information message me on Ravelry, or contact me via email.  Thank you!

p.s.  There are lots of ideas for baby knits here!


  1. Lynn Sleeper says:

    Hey, I bought this pattern several years ago, but I can’t find it now. I’d like to make it as I’ve make it several times. Do I have to buy it again?

  2. Paulette Morris says:

    I want to make for a 11 month old. How many stitches and I have 4 ply acrylic/wool blend.

    Is this a purchased pattern $5?

    are there other sizes for the pattern

  3. Love this hat. Question – I’ve never done “lace” stitches. When doing the yo (beginning on row 13), are those yarn overs 2 stitch yo’s – which would make the entire 81 stitches divisible by 9. Otherwise, when I did a straight one stitch yo, It ended up not matching up (I ran short on stitches) when I finished that row.


    • The yarn over’s are just regular yarn overs, so your mistake must be somewhere else… I am sorry I can’t be more help without seeing your knitting!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Just finished one and love it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Glenys Davies says:

    what size double pointed needles should I use for double knitting wool? Thanks Glenys

  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely hat. I’m going to knit it for my baby brother who’s not such a baby any more, but who’s having one of his own in January. I’ll share some photos with you when I am done. It might be a while, because I am a slow knitter, but I’ve bookmarked your blog because it’s beautiful and I’ll be sure to come back.

    Blessings and light,

  7. Would it be permissible to knit hats from this pattern as a donation for hospital newborns?

  8. What size circular needle would I need for this pattern?

    Thank you

  9. Your new born baby hat is so very cute and so very poetic !

    Bless for sharing

  10. Can you tell me how to adjust this pattern for a preemie?

    Thank you,


  11. I love this hat pattern and would like to knit it for an adult friend who is about to undergo chemotherapy. I’m wondering if anyone has knitted it for an adult yet, and if so, how many more multiples of nine you used? Thanks so much. Marsha

  12. I just finished the newborn size hat for my granddaughter, expected to arrive at Christmas time, and just love it. Now I want to make it in another color a bit bigger.

    I cast on 9 more stitches but I have a question: Should I increase the number of rows I knit? more than the 18 before the lace? more than the 1 1/2″ after the lace?

    Susie Reis

  13. Shannon says:

    Can this be done on circular needles?

    • They would need to be 12 inch circular needles, and yes that would be fine. The circumference is too small for a 16 inch circular needle.

  14. Joan Sanders says:

    I just finished knitting this adorable newborn hat……no more infants in my family so I will donate the hat to our hospital newborn dept. Easy pattern to knit. Thank you.

  15. love the comments, always find them helpful. Is there a way to print just the pattern? saves paper and ink.
    thank you so much. Happy Knitting.



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    The story of a hat (pattern included)

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