The story of a hat

knitting pattern for a simple newborn hat with a touch of lace
For me, the beauty of a handknit gift is that it can travel with me throughout my day, and with a few stitches here, a few stitches there, I eventually have something to give that not only has a purpose, but also carries with it the love that was poured into it during it’s journey to becoming, in this case, a hat for a precious newborn’s head.

I started this little hat a few days ago, and worked on it whenever I got the chance, enjoying every single stitch. I worked on it while walking around the yard with a herd of children and chickens and of course Beatrix on my back, during a cozy late evening snuggled in a chair with Seth, and while lying on a quilt in the yard with Moses and Bea.

newborn hat with a touch of lace
Yes, as tiny as it is, I am still a slow knitter with six children. This hat would be a quick one evening knit for someone with a spare evening.

And that is the story of this hat. I hope to get it in the mail today.

**In addition, if you are interested in knitting this hat for profit, you can now purchase a cottage license for the one time fee of $25.00.  For more information message me on Ravelry, or contact me via email.  Thank you!

p.s.  There are lots of ideas for baby knits here!


  1. Jonnie Snow says:

    Now I am confused. Do you start the repeat at the parenthesis or at the begenning of the row or after the parentiesis. Would love to make this but would like to not have to play the rip it game. Thanks. It is lovely.

    • I have clarified row 13. Let me know if that helps. You repeat the entire 9 stitch lace repeat until the end of the round.

  2. Janine Linn says:

    I love this hat. We’re expecting our first Granddarling in August and I am so excited to knit my heart away for our newest addition. I loved reading your story as well. I love to knit for my family, it gives me time to pray for each one and have something to give them as well. Thank you for sharing your pattern and your heart.

  3. Beautiful hat and a beautidul story. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. I am almost done. I am still learning how to read patterns…..but got the hang of it at last. Thank you for posting.

  5. Jinny,
    After i knit row 13, i only have 64 stitches left because of the double decrease in the parenthesis. I am no treading this row correctly?

  6. I just finished making this hat and really like how it came out. I wrote about it on my review blog:

  7. Thank you for the cute babyhat-pattern! I,ll be a grandmother for the first time in may, so I,m very excited.
    Now I have time to knit, and I use that time too; I don,t know will it be a boy or a girl, so I have to use neutral colors.
    Happy New Year!
    in Finland

  8. I used size 6 DP needles and Caron simply Soft. By decreasing the pattern to 63 stitches it stayed a newborn size. I’m so pleased. Great pattern!

  9. I just came upon this sweet hat pattern and fell in love with the photo online. I looked up the website and was found the story of this little hat charming. So, of course I’ll have to knit it! Presently, I’m knitting my first baby blanket for a friend’s first. I’m loving the results of my baby blanket and think this hat would make a lovely addition. I still consider myself to be a beginner–although I’m pretty advanced. The instructions look fairly easy to follow, although some of the terminology is somewhat beyond my beginners’ understanding. Does anyone know what the level of difficulty of this hat may be?

  10. I would like to “whip this up” but I am a mediocre knitter. Could you real quick explain the ( slip one K 2tog passover). I under stand the abbreviations, the parenthesis confused me. Thank you.


    • The parenthesis are simply there to offset that portion of the instructions because those three steps: slip1, k2tog, psso together make up a double decrease. So if it helps, just ignore the parenthesis.

  11. Marlene Puritt says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. It turned out great! My friends new little niece is going to love it!

  12. What a sweet little hat! It does work up fast .. the only thing I changed was on the first 12 rows of knitting … on row 8 I did k1, p1 around to stop the rolling of the rolled brim. Turned out great! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  13. Debbie T says:

    I so love this little hat… I am searching for a swearter to go with it.. I am hoping to give the set to a new mommy.. thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Stephanie says:

    I could really use your help with row 13…do I only repeat what is in parenthesis or do I repeat the whole thing all the way around?

  15. Sorry Ginny:

    I missed spelled your name. It is an awesome hat.


  16. HI Jinny:

    What a gorgeous hat! You sound like you are like me and LOVE to knit.

    I just want to share a secret, in case you have not discovered this secret. I hate using double pointed needles and found that Hats can be knit in the round using Two set of circular needles. You put half the stitches on one set and half on the other set. then decrease as needed just always leaving half the stitches on each set of needles.

  17. Thanks for sharing the hat pattern, beautiful ,

  18. This hat is beautiful! I knit one up last night out of some Cascade 100% wool in a natural off white and it came out so pretty. I made it on size 6 circulars and it measures about 16 inches around. I’m hoping after blocking it will be newborn sized, but if not I’ll be happy to knit it again!Thank you for sharing your adorable pattern!

  19. Your hat is darling! I can’t wait to make it, but I am a little confused with row 13 and what I am to repeat. Thanks for your help and for sharing your pattern.

  20. This hat is precious! I don’t have size 4 or 5 needles (my guage runs small, usually), so I might modify the pattern and use size 6 needles. (I saw this through Laylock’s blog entry here). For those of you who are worried about a baby hat being too small, they grow–a good friend of mine wants me to make a hat for her coming little one that will last several months. I am just waiting to find out the sex. If it’s a girl, this hat is probably what I’ll make!

    • Too big*, not too small.

      • I love the hat, but have a question about it. In the picture, it looks like you have purled a row, but I don’t see in the directions where it appears. Is this an error in the pattern? I really want to make this hat but hesitate until I know for sure if an error is made. Thank you and hope to hear soon.

  21. Jackie @ Fred-and-Ci says:

    Just found your pattern through pinterest – it looks great! I'm going to be giving it a shot whilst I'm waiting for my little one to come…

  22. Jackie @ Fred-and-Ci says:

    Just found your pattern through pinterest – it looks great! I'm going to be giving it a shot whilst I'm waiting for my little one to come…

  23. Delphine says:

    I love this pattern! It is so pretty.I am a few rows past the lace and I don't seem to have any eyelet holes like your does. Do they come in after you block? And can you explain how you blocked yours?Thanks!

  24. ~ Laura ~ says:

    This hat is absolutely precious! I was looking through Ravelry for baby hat patterns to make for friends and came across this. I know that it will be one of the next projects that I start. Great job!

  25. ~ Laura ~ says:

    This hat is absolutely precious! I was looking through Ravelry for baby hat patterns to make for friends and came across this. I know that it will be one of the next projects that I start. Great job!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I love the pattern!I have Bernat Softee Baby YarnDo you think this will work for this pattern?I have never made a baby cap before and am really having my problems as to size.The cap I just completed measures:Ribbing: 1" and 6" layed flat.Mid cap folded: 6" not stretchedTotal Height: 7"What do you think? Too Big for a newborn?If you feel this yarn will work with your pattern I am on my way, I just do not want it to be too small OR too large.Thanks for listening and any help you can give me.

  27. floeure says:

    thank you

  28. I love this hat, I made one recently only making a small change because I wanted to weave a ribbon through before the lace began, so I added a eyelet row. It is so adorable and had I known how to knit when my daughter was born 4 yrs ago possibly the only hat that would have fit her head (she's got a tiny noodle). Thanks for the lovely pattern 🙂

  29. anon.–you should have a total of 81 stitches, joining won't change that.on row 13, repeat the entire row until you reach the end of the round.

  30. I could really use your help with row 13…do I only repeat what is in parenthesis or do I repeat the whole thing all the way around?Other question…after casting on 81 and joining in the round…do I end up with 80?Sorry but i am a beginner and I am stuck on this.

  31. Love this hat!! Just started it this evening and overlooked that this is worked on circular needles. I'm debating whether I should just start over…but maybe not.

  32. Just a note to tell you that I love your hat. So does my granddaughter! You can see her here in her pink hat <a href="http://:” target=”_blank”>:

  33. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful!Thanks for sharing the pattern…I have just finished knitting it for a friend (who is due any day now) and can't wait to give it to her.Thanks again!

  34. Susan Marie says:

    This pattern is adorable! I loved knitting it up for a new baby in our church. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern- and the sweet story 🙂

  35. laura mouro says:

    Ginny, just found this pattern and I think I am going to knit this next!Laura

  36. Lolita Blahnik says:

    Beautiful!!!!I knit 2 of them this month. Love the pattern!And inspired by your pattern I knit baby socks and mittens that fit it ( the patterns for them are in my blog) . If you want to take a look here you have the link:… for sharing your talent!!!!

    • Hi

      I did go to your blog and saw the pattern for the sock and mittens, however, most of the article is in I believe Spanish. I do not read Spanish. Can you direct me to both patterns in English.

      Thank you so much

  37. Judy Jewell says:

    Thank you so much for posting this beautiful pattern! I just finished knitting the hat in a pretty sage bamboo yarn and it came out so pretty!! I love your blog!

  38. Anonymous says:

    You have blessed me today with the stories of your children and your beautiful life. Thank you for being one of God's children who has been blessed with the wisdom to understand that the struggles in life are often what bring the most beauty and growth to our lives. You and yours will be in my prayers as you continue on this wonderful adventure of adoption, parenting, and learning from our Lord.

  39. This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing such a gorgeous pattern! You are so talented!

  40. Anonymous says:

    The hat arrived last night. I was so excited to open up the box and pull it out. It's absolutely perfect and we cannot wait to meet Amberly and see her in the beautiful hat.Thank you so much for such a heartfelt and precious gift that she will always have to treasure!We love you guys and can't wait to see you next month!Andrea, Jared, Elliot and Amberly

  41. I gave you a blogger award. Check out my blog for more information.Blessings,Dorsey

  42. The hat is beautiful. I'll add it to my craft to do list. I have only one child, yet I think it would take me even longer to knit it. 🙂

  43. rhicarian says:

    I'm looking forward to learning to knit like this. Thanks for sharing the pattern and pics.

  44. Wife to the Rockstar says:

    It is so beautiful, as is this post. I love the way your write Ginny. You are so gifted in sharing your passions.

  45. Your hat is precious. And you did a great job blocking it. Did you block it folded on its side or over a frame? I am amazed at all you manage to accomplish with such a large family. Oh, one more question, did you come up with the pattern yourself or did you use a pattern already written? It reads like you designed it yourself and I'm just wondering if you have that talent too! I can't get over how talented you are. I'm off this afternoon to spend a couple hours knitting with my instructor. (It's awfully nice when your instructor is also your best friend! But I don't take advantage of her. I buy her little thank you gifts every couple weeks. Nothing fancy just something to say Thanks.) Just took a quick glance back at your little hat. It is really beautiful and well knitted

  46. It is gorgeous – delicate and sweet. You are so talented! I do know how satisfying it is to carry something about to work on. I had some lovely years when I was embroidering Irish dance dresses, and I loved dling that so much tht having a moment to pull my project out and work on it gave me so much pleasure that I remember it still. (Not nearly as nice as your hat, though.)


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