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Ever eaten a grunt?

The following post I created last week, never published, and may as well now.

Amongst all the good mail I have been getting, I received an Amazon box from my sister Sarah. I can’t stop looking through Rustic Fruit Deserts, a new cookbook that she ordered me (amongst a few other great books). This cookbook is full of my favorites. Fruit and grain deserts are so good especially because you can easily substitute whole grain flour for white flour making them a bit wholesome as well as yummy. Tonight I made a caramel peach grunt.

That’s the caramel. I made it while feeding a very fussy Beatrix (and still managing to take photos). Tricky.

Buttermilk biscuit dough on top of the caramel peach mixture which I cooked on the stovetop.

25 minutes in the oven and it was ready to go. The biscuits had a great texture and of course we ate this with vanilla bean ice cream.