Archives for August 24, 2009

Things are looking rather grim.

Just talked to the computer guy. The data recovery machine recovered…nothing. I have shed a few tears, controlled my language, and been reminded by my husband that “at least I’m not dead.”
Thanks Jonny.
I am still kicking myself for not backing up my Quicken files online. dang dang dang I kept meaning to set that up.
I am loving myself for keeping this blog though. At least many of my favorite photos from the past two years are here.
Have I mentioned that I had so much music downloaded and copied on that computer?
Thousands of photos.
Hundreds of files.
I hate computers. And what I really really hate is stupid Windows Vista. I knew we should have insisted on XP rather than all that new fancy crapola. Because that’s what crashed, not my hard drive, but my operating system. I’d be fine if we had gotten around to putting in a backup drive. But we’ve had other things going on.
But they are still trying at the computer shop. We’ll see…
In the meantime, yeah, I’m still breathing.