Archives for August 13, 2009

A Panoply…

…of Beatrix.

(Annie I learned that word from you and have been dying to use it.)

I don’t have time to articulate thoughts this morning, as we are running out the door to go fossil hunting, but have a random bunch of pictures of Miss B that I want to share.

While I do have her napping in her little playpen, she must be laid down already sleeping, the naps are brief, and when she wakes up and realizes that I am not in the room she immediately starts screaming. She’s really something. I don’t care. I don’t believe you can spoil a baby. Larkspur was a wonderful baby who hardly cried, slept through the night in her own little basket at 6 weeks, and is now a HOLY TERROR.

Hating it.
The kids found this old wig that Jonny used to wear snowboarding (don’t ask-he says it kept his head warm) and wanted to wear it and get their picture taken. Well, all of them but Seth and Larkspur who refused to participate in the fun. The other kids’ pics are on facebook. They are pretty funny. Moses, Ezra, and Keats were all into it and made a lot of funny faces. Beatrix only kept it on for a second.

Beatrix has been pulling up to standing for weeks now. I doubt she’s going to wait until 15 months to start walking like Larkspur did as she’s only just under nine months old now and already doing this.

Okay-we are off to “site 5” woohoo!