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Rainbow beads and a cat make for a nice morning

I have had these beautiful wooden stringing beads tucked in a box under my bed for almost a year now. They looked very pretty in their packages and I felt sort of happy knowing they were there, being saved for a special occasion. Today when Larkspur started begging me in desperation for “something to do” I decided that the special occasion I had been waiting for had arrived.
She happily strung the beads on elastic cording, careful not to lose any to the grass.
Her morning got even better when our old cat Silas joined her. Cats that tolerate three year olds are the best kind of cats…
…even if they have a habit of drooling.
While she enjoyed stringing all the colors of the rainbow, when it came time to get serious she knew that the only colors that would “do” were pink and purple. Because despite what her mommy says about the color brown, pink and purple are really the best colors; the colors that go with everything. And while they made for a lovely necklace…
they worked well as a headband of sorts too.