Discrimination and Baby Birds

Today we took the kids to our favorite state park to hunt for fossils. We met my friend Lori and her kids there. The punk (just kidding, he was nice but ridiculous) in charge of collecting parking fees tried to charge both Lori, who drives a Sprinter, and Jonny and I who drive a passenger van, the bus price. We straightened him out and reminded him that it isn’t nice to discriminate against big Catholic families who drive large vehicles. We should not be lumped with schools and church groups and charged five times as much money for crying out loud. We need to buy our yearly pass and be done with it. This is the second time I have had this happen in the past few weeks.
The kids had a great time, especially because they got to play with friends. We ended the day by stopping at the berry farm to pick blueberries. Only, blueberry season is over in our neck of the woods it seems, so we ended up picking just enough blackberries to make one pie per family. I will do that tomorrow.
And now for random photos:
Salvia guaranitica, my favorite. I am a huge fan of blue flowers. There are many varieties of S. guaranitica, can’t remember the name of this one, but it is the most common one sold. I have a beautiful pale blue one that just started blooming as well, I believe it is called Argentina skies…

That’s Winifred on my leg. It hurts when she does that.

I discoverd a very large family of Carolina wren’s living in Jonny’s wood shop this evening. I spent about forty five minutes trying to “rescue” the babies, until I realized that if they really needed rescuing, they wouldn’t be alive at this point. So instead I grabbed the camera and tried to get pictures, but it was just too dark. How I long for some new lenses and the knowledge needed to use them.

That’s Winifred peering through the window. Just below there is a baby bird hopping up and down. She was watching and wishing, I assume, that she could eat the baby bird.
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  1. I am all for you getting all the lenses you need and the knowledge to use them, because I love your photography. (Lori's too!) As far as descrimination goes… I bet it was the varied race children that made the young man presume you were a day care. Funny in a way; for one thing I wouldn't think they'd charge a home day care – or any day care that used passenger cars – the "bus price" in any case.I can just see you and your cats and birds. I am also big on wanting to rescue little birds. I never know if that old idea about the mother abandoning the babies if a human touches them, is true or not. But little birds will fall out of a nest which is right outside a window, and I just MUST put those babies back! I hope it works OK.I also LOVE blue flowers! I think flax is my favorite… I can't get it to winter over here, unfortunately. My favorite photo is the last one. I love cats, too. That is such a cool picture.

  2. godlover says:

    You pics are beautiful. I already wrote a comment but it went bye-bye to some remote corner of cyberspace I guess. Sure isn't here anymore. Looking at that flower made me think just how beautiful our Creator is. It would take tons of beauty to create that beautiful flower. We don't often think of God as beautiful but we know he must be to have created all the beautiful things on and off this earth. How sad it must be for Him to see us ruining His beautiful earth. How could anyone look at the beauty in Nature and say there is no God? Thanks for sharing.

  3. we had fun!!! thanks for inviting us!!!!

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