Bluebird of Happiness

A friend sent me a link to this bird mobile and the corresponding bird pattern a few weeks back and I knew right away that I had to make some of these little stuffed birds. This is my first one, and I think the head is a bit odd, and I wonder if I would like it better with eyes. I do like the concept though, and all the possibilities that this pattern contains. I like to have something I can pick up and set back down in a hurry if need be, and this little project is perfect for that. My hand sewing skills are not the best, but a bunch of these birds would make great practice, and I do like that mobile. Oh, and there is even a Flickr group dedicated to these soft little birds in case you want to see what others have done with the pattern.
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  1. just noticed the link as i was browsing through your posts.:) thanks, friend!

  2. The head is rather parrot-like. I am certain you can fuss with it and get it looking less like a bird visiting from foreign parts.

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  4. godlover says:

    You're right. There's something about the head that's not quite right but I love the colors (fabric) you picked. Several of them will look great hanging together. I bet Bea will love them. If she doesn't, send them to me. I'd love them!You are so talented! I knit but I don't do anything else. Once upon a time, I made handmade paper and loved the process and the results I got. I still have all the equipment and everything, it's just that I don't have much counter space here and you really need it making paper. So now I just knit. But I love it!! I've been working on a scarf all day because I accidentally cut my yarn about midway of all I had worked up to that point. I had to rip out down to the cut yarn and start all over again from there. I'm also working on a lace shawl but it takes lots of concentration so I try not to work on it until hubby has gone to bed so I won't be interrupted. Okay, back to my needles!

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