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Really good mail

This has been a really good mail week. If you know me, you know that I hate to go shopping, but I love to order anything that I can through the mail. On weeks when I have ordered something such as a few books with the amazon certificates I earn by using my amazon visa (I put all of our purchases on this card so that I can earn them) I eagerly await our postman every day hoping that my little brown box will arrive. It seems that lately I have been getting a lot of really good mail. My Aunt Genie has sent me several boxes of treasures, and this week a big box arrived from my stepmom full of clothes for the kids, a few coveted monster trucks, and two beautiful handwoven cotton dish towels. The towels were woven by a local women in the New Mexico town where my dad and stepmom live. I have yet to wipe a dish with them because they are so soft and so pretty. And then to top it all off, today I received Lightroom (photo editing software) in the mail, a gift from my stepdad, along with a book to teach me how to use it. So, needless to say, I am feeling really blessed right now. THANK YOU!!!
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Bluebird of Happiness

A friend sent me a link to this bird mobile and the corresponding bird pattern a few weeks back and I knew right away that I had to make some of these little stuffed birds. This is my first one, and I think the head is a bit odd, and I wonder if I would like it better with eyes. I do like the concept though, and all the possibilities that this pattern contains. I like to have something I can pick up and set back down in a hurry if need be, and this little project is perfect for that. My hand sewing skills are not the best, but a bunch of these birds would make great practice, and I do like that mobile. Oh, and there is even a Flickr group dedicated to these soft little birds in case you want to see what others have done with the pattern.
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