Something to Smile About…Beatrix edition

All photos courtesy of Lori Elizabeth. (Thanks Lori!!!)

I made these super easy and super cute bloomers using the Ruby’s Bloomers pattern from Weekend Sewing. By the way, this is a great book if you are a beginning seamstress. I am learning so much from it!

And my favorite shot of all, Jonny and Beatrix looking at the chicks.



  1. She is an amazing photographer and Bea is a BEEEEE-YOU-TEE-FULL girl!

  2. Wife to the Rockstar says:

    Gorgeous photos!! She looks like a doll!

  3. godlover says:

    Loved the bloomers, Ginny. They look so good on Bea! It's nice that you can sew them for her. I have a brand new sewing machine I got for Christmas a couple years ago and I've yet to use it. [Sigh!] Right now my thing is knitting. I need to publish a blog but, gee, I think I have to write one first, don't I??? I'm sitting here enjoying my second cup of hot coffee and enjoying every swallow. I'm just coming from a website that is great for child sponsors, if any of you are, then you know what I'm talking about. I figured why not sponsor a child through Compassion International and make a difference! Your blog inspired me to do this. I thought of all you are doing with your children (both bio and not) and decided that I may be too old to do anything, physically, but I could send money every month to help out a child in need. I picked one from India and she'll be 9 in Aug. I get all giddy when I think about her. I'm hoping she likes to write and receive letters. I haven't been a sponsor very long, coming up on 2 months, so I haven't even received my first letter. I am anxious to hear from her. I have written her twice. This time I enclosed a couple postcards of our area (one was an aerial of my entire town) and our "Frog Jump" made famous by Mark Twain…I found a postcards about that too. I went through a visitor's guide I picked up (free) and cut out pics to send her. I also sent a pic of myself (whoa am I getting old or what?) and a sheet of free stickers that came with a magazine offer inside a junk mail that I almost tossed in the trash. Last month I sent a bookmark. Anyway it's keeping me busy. I'm always trying to think of little things that I can send her every time I write. I can't believe that beautiful baby is sitting up now!! Seems like she was just born a week or so ago. I know you are keeping the boys on another blog now but I would really like to hear periodic emails about them. I decided that maybe I didn't need to go there any longer. Maybe I had served whatever purpose God had for me in reference to the kids. So I'm not starting out with something about the boys. I'm just hoping that I will receive enough updates to satisfy my need to know without pushing my nose into something I know so very little about! If not, then I will be writing for permission to see your other blog.Guess I'm going to cut this short as I keep falling asleep sitting here at the computer and I'm afraid I will fall off my chair and hurt myself, LOL. I got up about 4:30 this AM so right now it's about nap time. Have my granddaughter's bridal shower at 3:00 this afternoon and I hope I'm awake for it. I have had the hardest time staying awake the past couple days. That's miserable. Anyway, I'm going to go and I'd like to ask ANYONE for ideas of little things I can send my little girl [Karishma] in India. I can send flat things up to 1/4" thick with every letter I send her so I'd be grateful for any suggestions. I'm going to the Dollar Tree this afternoon and maybe I'll find some things while there. Ginny, I'm still uplifting you and your family in my daily prayers. I do hope Moses and Ez are doing okay. I will miss them but at the same time, I know you'll still include them in your family stuff here in this blog. I can really feel the need here for that kind of move. I will miss their every activity but I am confident that you'll see areas where you will want to include them here for the rest of us. Enough said. I love ya bunches, Marj

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness! I just want to kiss her little cheeks. She is so precious!!!! Great job on the bloomers too!Andrea

  5. She is so dear, and I keep thinking about how wonderful it must be to cuddle with her in bed… Ah, those were the days! But Anastasia is a pretty good cuddle, too.

  6. absolutely adorible – you could sell those!

  7. Bill and Christina says:

    Those bloomers are so cute. It helps that they are on the most adorable baby!Christina

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