She finally kicked the habit.

She’s a big girl now. Not that she isn’t having major second thoughts. In fact Jonny and I have now seen a very ugly side of our dear Larkspur. Pacifier withdrawal may be right up there with heroin detox. I am surprised that there isn’t a facility for toddlers trying to kick the habit.
Night one went very smoothly; it was her idea after all. “Mommy, I am ready to get rid of my passy so I can get my nails done at the special place and pick out a new dress.” I’d heard it all before and assumed she was bluffing. But, she went to bed without her pacifier Saturday night and slept all night, no problem. So Sunday after church we hit the mall for a mini manicure/pedicure (she chose red polish) and a new dress. She was quite pleased. But, Sunday night the regret hit. And it really hit hard. During the throes of night two, we wondered if we might need to call a priest for an excorcism. Yesterday, not wanting a repeat of Sunday night I promised her some special Japanese candy if she makes it through the week with out any more screaming and biting at bedtime (I wasn’t actually planning on sharing this candy, it was going to be me and Jonny’s little secret). Promises of candy work wonders I guess, because according to Jonny last night went smoothly (I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t here. I actually went to my ladies bible study for the first time in many months). And by next week no bribing should be necessary and I will never have to deal with a pacifier again. No, Beatrix is not getting one!
Oh and in these pictures, Larkspur is wearing the dress I made (Flower girl dress from Weekend Sewing) and britches that I made by modifying a basic simplicity pattern. I will have to post more on the little pants soon. I have made a couple of pairs and they are super cute and easy.


  1. Russ DeWitt says:

    That's weird. I've known Lark for over 3 years now. And, she's never done anything bad the entire time — ever! love,Lark's Grand-daddy

  2. Wife to the Rockstar says:

    I LOVE The dress. And these pictures of her are darling! You made me laugh about the paci addiction.

  3. godlover says:

    Loved the little dress you made for Larkspur. It's so cute!! And the bloomers? Adorable! She is such a precious little thing. I know she's probably a real tomboy what with having all brothers 'cept for Bea, but she sure looks delicate in her little dress. And I loved her hair.I've had no experience with pacifiers. Neither of my boys were interested and my granddaughter was too busy making papa build with her blocks that she just didn't have time for one.Forgot to say what a beautiful chicken coop Jonny is building!! So fancy. I would have just thrown up some framework and then put a roof on top of it, stretched wire fencing around it, and called it a coop if it had been left up to me. I like the log cabin look. Those chickens are definitely on the RIGHT side of the tracks. What do you call these, pedigree hens? or?Just put my knitting away and thought I'd take a look at some blogs before I go to bed and of course yours is a must read. I haven't written a blog since back in May but nobody seems to be missing it. It's just that I don't have the time now. Not with knitting, Bible study, and two reading plans for getting through the Bible. One I've been on since Jan 1st. I use the Daily Bible for that one. It has the entire Bible divided into daily segments for the year. Then on the first of June I answered a challenge from my pastor to read the entire Bible in 90 days. That gives quite a bit more reading to my day. But I really would like to meet the challenge and actually read it cover to cover. I have done that several times on my own but never in 90 days. The only problem is that if you miss a single day, you're so far behind that it will be next to impossible to catch up again. Sitting and reading for an hour to an hour and a half every day is a definite challenge for me. But pastor is meeting with those of us who have accepted his challenge every Wednesday night for support, instruction, review and encouragement. It is actually like a small Bible study. Another one! Tonight we covered Abraham's faith which actually started with Abraham's father. And then some discussion of all the great Bible stories we read this past week. I hope I can stick with this. Because I'm finding things I'd never found before. I've read Gen to Deut probably a dozen times or more and I still find things I've never seen before. Yes, the Word is alive and active!!! Yes, the Word speaks to us individually bringing ABC to my attention while bringing XYZ to Rita's mind. Etc., etc. Praise God for His great mercy and love. Even with all the rules and regulations of the Pentateuch, it still all started and rests on Faith. Everything we have, every hope we've built up must be grounded on faith. When we read all the rules and get weary all we need to do is check out Hebrews 11. By faith Abraham…by faith Noah…by faith Moses… it's all based on faith. Always has been and will always be. And it brings home why Jesus said He came to give us rest: Rule-keeping is exhausting!Okay. Goodnight…

  4. That is too funny. I love it. "Wiggle Fairy!" You make me feel completely lacking in imagination and charm. No, at our house – no "wiggle fairies", it is: "Excuse me, we need to have a team meeting regarding the pacifier and the need to give it up. Please be prompt."

  5. Oh–just read the other comment. Nevermind my question! Her outfit is just beautiful!

  6. My two year old is the first of my four children (he's #4) to take a pacifier. It turned him into a completely different baby. Long story. But now we have to get rid of it. Wonder if this will be easier or more difficult than breaking the other children of their finger sucking habits? #1 finally gave up sucking her fingers at age 6, #2 still sucks her fingers at age 6 if she's very tired, and #3 stopped sucking his thumb all by himself when we moved into this house when he was about 3 1/2. I figured that we could take away a pacifier but couldn't take away fingers. Have you broken a finger sucking habit yet?

  7. Essie the Accidental says:

    Here we went the… well, the.. passive route. We told Teena for months that the Wiggle (pacifier) Fairy was coming soon to take the wiggles to the new babies. Teena was of the opinion that the babies could just take a flying leap and fend for themselves. One by one her wiggles disappeared and we wrote them off to the Wiggle Fairy. Then, on the last one, man I was dreading that thing. We made a lot of excuses for ourselves and let it go on way too long. Heroin is right, there should be an Intervention episode on the subject! Anyway, our sloth paid off because Teena fell asleep early a few nights in a row on the couch without it and the last wiggle went off to torment the mother of a new, pacified baby somewhere. No problem!

  8. I am so in love with your sewing creations. You do such a great job!As for the paci… oh my GOODNESS can I ever relate! Isabella and Ben are paci-kids. After the havoc it has wreaked… we decided no paci for Lucy Cate. I think it will be much easier!I am not above bribes for my big girl. I just need to find one that works…

  9. For whatever reason, I haven't had a thumb sucker yet. Beatrix doesn't seem to be moving in that direction either. She just nurses all night ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I had one with pacifier and one with thumb. You might want to reconsider – if the pacifier is hard to give up, the thumb is FAR worse….because, after all – it is right there, tormenting them! Lydia was able to give up the pacifier in a routine similar to Larkspur's – she decided and we "got rid of them" (actually I kept them for posterity). Aidan just couldn't stop! Then, when he was five, he went to the dentist, who told him in no uncertain terms that he MUST stop sucking his thumb. He went cold turkey. That's when I realized – you are right – it is really an addiction! He was one crabby boy for a few days, but I admired his determination. The dentist, however, had managed to do what neither Craig nor I could do…I don't know what he said, but it had powerful effect.

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