Bandana Pants

I have been meaning to learn to sew for about ten years. I own both a nice sewing machine, and a serger. One a gift from my dad, and one from my husband. Of course I broke the serger sewing diaper doublers years ago ( I am sure it just needs a minor repair), but my regular machine is in working order. However, I keep waiting for the right time to take a sewing class and it just isn’t happening. The thing is that I get really nervous when someone tries to teach me anything and I have a really hard time understanding something by watching someone else do it, so I can’t really learn that way. I end up pretending to understand while feeling clumsy and embarrassed and then going home to figure it out on my own. I have been purchasing sewing books for the past six months or so and reading them like novels. I finally decided that I needed to just try to sew something even though I don’t know what I am doing. For some reason I have been afraid to do just that for years. I have used my machine to sew simple straight lines, waldorf doll bodies, and blankets, but no clothing. I came across this tutorial on how to sew a pair of pants from a two pack of bandanas recently and decided that this would be a good first project. They were really easy, and turned out pretty cute. I still can’t sew a straight line to save my life, but maybe that will come with practice.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    how cute ~angie

  2. blueyonder says:

    This is so great! I'm so glad that you gave them a go and they turned out well for you. I'm a big weenie in the sewing department too. I've taken classes, read books, and in the end I can make iffy drapes, one shirt pattern and bandana pants – oh and I can modify any of the above to create Some manner of Halloween costume. It's enough to get us by :-)Your blog and your family are just gorgeous. Thanks for inviting me over!

  3. Those are great! I just made my first pair too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Congrats on a great first project.

  4. I am beyond impressed at how you managed to find the time to a) watch a tutorial and b) actually make the pants. You rock!

  5. abroadermark says:

    CUTE britches!! I've been meaning to learn to sew for something like 35 years. That tutorial might just be my ticket out of The Land of Domestic Ignorance. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Those are adorable! I'm going to have to dust off my sewing machine and follow that link!

  7. oh Ginny!! those are darling! good job – i must say it makes me feel good that i'm not the only one in the *sewing* dept that feels a bit inadequate. i can do everything up to the finishing part — then, what's the point [if you don't know how to finish!] ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Oh my goodness – so cute and so comfortable. I might check that out – I personally HATE sewing, but maybe my opinion will change if I can create something that cute!

  9. love the bandana pants!!!!

  10. What a cute idea. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us.

  11. godlover says:

    Are you sure we aren't related? Maybe twins separated at birth??? You and I are so much alike it's frightening. I know exactly what you mean about pretending to get it and then going home to try and figure it out yourself. That's me to an eyelash!!!The bandana pants are absolutely adorable. (Although I did read that as banana pants at first glance.) I wouldn't mind a pair of those myself but would look silly in those little pants. But maybe I could make them using table cloths. All kidding aside, what a great project. They are just adorable.I have a brand new sewing machine in my linen closet and can't even figure out how to thread the darn thing. I keep saying I'm going to learn but then never do. Our women's ministry is making quilts to give to children for next Christmas and maybe I can find one of them willing to teach me how to thread the thing. I think I could probably sew simple things. It's not that I've never been able to sew. It's more like something I used to know how to do but have since forgotten. And I don't want to confess to my family that I've forgotten how to sew. With me it's like I only have so much room in my brain and when it gets full and I try to put more in, something's got to overflow out. I can have only so much knowledge so I trade how to sew with how to knit, etc. When I get tired of knitting I'll probably take up scrap booking or something equally as useful. I just can't seem to be able to learn one thing AND learn something else at the same time. It's an "either/or" with me.Where in the world do you find the energy you need to do all that you do??? Let alone the time!Having a great time with a Woman's Study of Proverbs. I got so into it today that I did two lessons instead of just one. It's actually a 19-week study but I'm trying to take one week per day. Wish you could study with me. We'd probably not get very far because we wouldn't be able to study because of all the giggling. Besides you're too busy living the sacrificial life with your family. I loved that you used to be a vegg, me too. Hippy, me too. Back to nature and back to earth were my particular fancy way back when.You are such a great person! With all you have to struggle with and you still keep your sanity, ha!! And a sense of humor. Oh, and my cousin is gluten intolerant and has had to completely rethink the entire way she cooks and eats. But she says it's well worth the effort so don't get discouraged.–Marj

  12. Aussie Therese says:

    Wow. They are cute. I haven't ever thought of doing something like that. I may give the tutorial a go. I couldn't sew a straight line to save my life for a long time. I have the fabric to make the children all quilts but I haven't started yet because I am so scared it will be really obvious that I don't sew straight.

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