Homemade Coloring Book

A little girl I know named Aurora, who loves to color, had a birthday last week. I had come across this lovely lady’s blog who has drawn a bunch of saint coloring pages that she shares on her blog, and thought I would print them up for Aurora. Then I found instructions for making your own journal, and thought I would use those instructions to make a coloring book with all the coloring pages. I simply printed the pages up, put them in order according to the feast days associated with the saints, used card stock for the front, back, and binding, and a holy card for decoration. I didn’t have any fancy glue, and just used regular school glue. I have a feeling the coloring book will fall apart if it hasn’t already-but it did look really pretty when I finished it.
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  1. It IS pretty. What a lovely gift.

  2. I will try and find the link. I will try and post about it. That is when I have a free second. =)

  3. What a great idea!

  4. That is such a cool idea – I love to give homemade gifts – there's so much heart in them (plus, they cost much less than store-bought!)

  5. Christine says:

    very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cris-I thought of you when I posted this-it seems like something you would do. Please post about your bird books! If you would include links to where you found the pages that would be great! I would love to make one for Seth and use it with Burgess's Bird book for him this spring. And I think I would definitely have it spiral bound too-so it doesn't fall apart!

  7. I just made the girls a color book. I printed about 60 + pages all on birds that I had down loaded for free. Then I took it to the print shop and had it bound (spiral) for about $2.50 with card stock for the covers. It turned out great and we are using it for school and our bird study. I will have to put a post on it for the blog. I love homemade gifts.

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