Please pray for Sarah (updated)


Sarah and baby Cecilia passed away last night. Please continue to pray for her family.

One of my best friends is in the hospital on life support.  She was attacked by what we believe were yellow jackets and had an allergic reaction.  Further tests revealed a ruptured aneurysm on her brain.  She is 21 weeks pregnant with her fifth child, a baby girl named Cecilia.  Please join me in praying for Sarah, her husband Eric, and their children, Liam, Annalee, Jude, Faustina, and tiny Cecilia.  Friends and family are saying goodbyes while praying and hoping for a miracle.

The Tiny Farm Company {giveaway}


Today’s giveaway is from Ashley of The Tiny Farm Company.  You can find Ashley at The Tiny Farm Blog, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  I asked Ashley to share a bit about herself and her business with all of you today:

1-tinyfarm3My name is Ashley Smith and I am the driving force behind The Tiny Farm Company. We specialize in small batch coconut oil soap crafted with minimal ingredients.


Besides being a soapmaker I am a tiny farmer, homeschooler, runner, knitter, and foodie who loves a smooth glass of red wine or a hoppy homebrew from our taproom (which is really just a corner of our shop). Our tiny farm is just a few acres in Arkansas that is home to kids, dogs, goats, chickens, bees, and a garden. My children are 10, 8, and 6 and my husband Warren and I have been together for 10 years. We are both from this part of Arkansas and absolutely adore the mountains and rivers that we are so lucky to live among.

tinyfarm5When my middle son was about four, we discovered that artificial ingredients in foods were drastically affecting his behavior. We set about cleaning up our diets and lives immediately. It was the best possible path we could have taken. It sent us down a road that would eventually influence us to remove gluten from our diet, switch to raw milk, grow as much food as we could, and keep animals for further food production. As soon as all those icky things were gone from our bodies, my husband and I began to really notice what bothered us. For me it was walking down the detergent and soap aisles at the store. It gave me an immediate headache. I am very sensitive to scent and it seems a few of my kids are as well. When we decided we wanted to produce soap, I was very adamant about it being as natural as possible. With that in mind we set about developing a recipe with the right amount of essential oils and fats. I used coconut oil for everything else in the house so why not soap too? Currently we offer six different formulas of soap. Lemongrass and Orange Patchouli are our bestsellers. Our silky smooth coconut oil lip balm is also very popular.

I try to find the beauty in everything. Early morning cups of coffee by myself, the surprise symmetry of nature, the cleansing effect of a good workout, the emotional reaction to a home-cooked meal, the absolute wonder of my kids. There is even beauty in a simple bar of soap.




Ashley is offering one winner two bars of soap and a tin of lip balm (pictured above).  She will also include a free gift with any order over $25.  For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post.  For a second chance, “like” The Tiny Farm Company on Facebook and then leave me a second comment letting me know you have done so.  Comments are closed and the winner is Betty, who commented, “This is perfect for my new back to nature way of living! Thank you!”

Thanks Ashley, and The Tiny Farm Company!