Whole Family Rhythms {giveaway}


This weekend’s giveaway is from Whole Family Rhythms!  Whole Family Rhythms are seasonal digital Guides for Mamas (or carers) who have young children at home and who are yearning to slow down, create and connect with the rhythm of their days together.


The Guides are designed to help you plan, create and animate a peaceful, balanced and holistic rhythm in your home, flowing between structured, adult-led activities and child-led, imaginative free play.

Each Guide contains a seasonally inspired early childhood curriculum (or rhythm) complete with ingredients and supplies master lists; early childhood stories and fingerplays and detailed directions for daily themes such as whole foods baking & cooking, watercolour painting, beeswax & salt dough modelling, drawing, crafting and hiking.

The Guides also contain weekly mindfulness meditations for mothers or carers, simple monthly handwork patterns, as well as seasonal nursery rhyme and picture book recommendations.


Meagan is the creator and founder of Whole Family Rhythms. She is Mama to 4 beautiful souls: North, Indigo, Juniper and Sage and loving wife to Brad. After living ten years in Sydney, Australia they recently took flight and put down new roots in the Canadian countryside just outside of Toronto.


Meagan began researching play-based learning, natural parenting and early childhood education in 2008 after the birth of her first child and on that journey she stumbled across some Waldorf inspired blogs that resonated with her deeply. From that moment on she spent countless hours reading about the importance of rhythm and developing, planning and animating her own family’s rhythms. With each new year, new child and new stage & age daily rhythms change and adapt to our needs, but the steady beat always supports us.

Meagan’s vision is to to connect and inspire mothers, carers and communities with each other so that they feel empowered to raise children who are wholly connected with themselves (head, heart and hands) and to the planet. She believes from the bottom of her heart that peace begins in the home.  You can follow along with her at her blog, and on Instagram.

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Meagan would like to offer one Small Things reader:

All Four Seasons of the Whole Family Rhythms Guides- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Each Season includes twelve weekly guides consisting of a weekly story, bushwalking theme, recipe, seasonal craft and themes for watercolour painting, drawing and beeswax modelling, an Ingredients and Supplies Master List, Seasonal Book Recommendations, Twelve Weekly Caregiver Meditations and Three Caregiver Handwork Projects

In addition, she is offering 15% off the Northern Hemisphere Summer Guide and the Southern Hemisphere Winter Guide for all Small Things readers when you use the coupon code ‘joyfulsummer.’  The coupon expires on Friday, June 3rd.  The guides can be purchased here.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post.  Comments will close and a winner will be randomly selected on Monday, May 30th.  The winner will be notified via email and announced within this post.

Thanks, Meagan!

whole family rhythms

Two days for five

We started celebrating Silas’ birthday on Wednesday, and his plan for the day included a morning bagel run with Daddy followed by opening presents.  For lunch he wanted my risotto, or “yellow rice,” as he used to call it, before he turned five.  When I called it “yellow rice,” yesterday, he corrected me.  “Mommy, it’s called risotto.”  So I guess he’s all grown up now.  Five!!!

Nothing happened on schedule and by the time we finished eating what was meant to be lunch, it was nearly four o’clock.  Time to start cooking spaghetti and meatballs and making frosting for the cake.  But instead we threw all plans out the window and headed to the lake for fishing and swimming, per Silas’ request.  We ate junky chips and hot dogs and the kids had a great time.  On the way home Silas tried his hardest to stay awake, but he couldn’t.  By the time we pulled in to our drive, it was ten p.m. and he was sound asleep.

This morning when he woke up he came to me and asked (with big, big eyes) “Mommy?  Since I didn’t have any birthday cake last night with everybody else, can I have some now?”  I could have cried.  I quickly told him, “Oh sweetie!  We would never eat your birthday cake without you!!!  It’s still downstairs wrapped up, we haven’t even made the frosting yet.”  He smiled with relief.  Dear, dear Silas.

So, on day two of his birthday we had smoothies and popcorn, vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, and spaghetti with meatballs.  He played his new game, and worked on puzzles.  He did lots of art.  All the Silas things.  Seth took him on a long explore in the woods.  He walked the whole way himself, because he’s five now.