Drawstrings {giveaway}


Today’s giveaway is from Wanda, the seamstress behind Drawstrings! You may also know Wanda from her blog, Re-inventing Mother. She’s a regular on the Yarn Along as well!  Wanda creates the most beautiful drawstring bags, and I have been lucky enough to receive a couple of them.  They make perfect knitting project bags, and mine can often be seen peeking out of my Yarn Along photos each week.  While I love using mine to hold knitting projects, Drawstrings come in many sizes and have many different uses. Wanda introduced herself here and talked about how Drawstrings was born earlier this year.  Today, she’s sharing the latest news from her shop!


It’s been almost nine months since Drawstrings was born!  In those months I have been gifted with incredible people who have made this dream come true.  Those people are you. Sales from Drawstrings have been awesome and I continue to marvel at the reviews.  The story of how this all came to be is here in the original post by Ginny and I continue to pray for Elizabeth.


In great news, my own Elizabeth ( my oldest daughter) is joining me in making Drawstrings a team effort.  Elizabeth has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Texas Tech University and is also a certified Texas teacher.  She teaches Art to first through sixth graders.  Best of all, she is the mother of three of my grandchildren; Lilah, Evelyn, and Luke.   Her gift of color and design ( she has new ideas already!!) will be yet another gift to the shop.  Welcome her please!



Together, our goal is to provide a custom bag that can be used in many ways.  Many of you use them for your knitting and projects, but with all the varied sizes, the uses are infinite.  From jewelry, rosaries, shoes, books,backpacks, dance, laundry, and gift bags, we provide a quality product that is custom to you.  Our bags are not mass produced unless you order them.  Your purchase is one of a kind!  Quality fabrics are used in each bag and I am constantly searching for unique fabrics.


For today’s giveaway, Drawstrings is offering one winner the knitting themed bag pictured above.  In addition, they are offering a 20% discount on all purchases through November 1.  Use the code GINNY07 at checkout to receive the discount.

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post!  For a second chance, “like” Drawstrings on Facebook and leave a second comment letting me know you have done so!

Comments will close and a winner will be selected on Monday, October 27th.  The winner will be notified via email and announced within this post.

Thanks, Drawstrings!

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My Recipe for Three

preschool art

At preschool each week, I am struck over and over again by the absolute hilarity of the three and four year old set.  I could sit and listen to them talk for hours.  I find them amusing, adorable, and clever.  At home, my own almost 3 1/2 year old on the other hand, well, he bounces off the walls, talks fast and loud, and generally wears me out.  Yes, he’s hilarious and lots of fun but he is exhausting!  In fact, let me dig through my email quickly and find a couple of recent funny things he has said recently.  Sometimes I email them to my friend Eve who is amused by Silas’ antics, sometimes I just email myself!

-Yesterday after co op, I laid Silas in the (empty) church parking lot next to my van to quickly change his diaper.  He pointed to a nearby cigarette butt and said, “That was mine.  I used to smoke, but I quit.” 

-He just fell down and hit his head.  I picked him up and held him for a few minutes.  When he finished crying he told me, “That bonk on the head made me good now.”  As in good boy vs. bad boy.  I don’t buy it.

-I made rice pudding tonight, and Jonny asked, “Silas, “Isn’t mommy the best?”  He answered, “No.”  I asked him,  “Silas, who’s the best?” He deadpanned, “I am.  I poop the potty.”

Anyway, child number six, he demands attention, and he gets it.  I try to work things so that the good attention outweighs the bad.  It isn’t always easy.  Sometimes I have to make little sacrifices.  Such as…

Yesterday I had plans for an afternoon grocery shopping trip alone (the luxury!) Last minute, I decided to tack on a couple of fun stops and make the trip a date for Silas and me.  He’s been especially wild and crazy this week (this year), and I knew the one-on-one attention would do him good.  And really, when it’s just the two of us he’s a pretty fun date as long as I keep the outing under two hours or so.  Of course I didn’t, we were out for closer to four hours, and by the end he was throwing groceries out of the cart while I tried to remain positive.

Three is hard, but it’s good hard.  I just can’t let myself slip into a pattern of managing bad behavior.  It’s important to remember that even at three, Silas is an individual and if he’s a little wild and crazy, well then, I best find my way to help him get occupied in a positive way, rather than say yes to Starfall one more time….

Lots of outdoor play, stories, art, and the occasional date afternoon.  That’s my recipe for a happy three.