View More: DSC_1460Jonny celebrated a decade of being 27 years old last weekend.  To help keep himself feeling youthful, he shared the party with the son of our friends Eric and Sarah, whose birthday is the day after his.  It was a lovely party full of children, and a wonderful reminder of how much we love and value our friends.

It was a beautiful night, though bittersweet.  Sarah’s absence was keenly felt, no doubt by her family most of all.

We march forward, as we must, but we miss her so much.  I know she wants us to continue to celebrate this life, to laugh, even when we fear that the tears will come and drown us.

Hug your friends.  Tell them that you love and appreciate their presence in your lives.  Friendship is one of our greatest gifts.

And of course, Happy Birthday, Jonny!  You keep me smiling; you always have.


Photos by both Lori Elizabeth Photography, and me.


Fun and Exhausting

Just a few notes for myself, this morning:

That boy in the first photo–he hit four home runs this weekend.  Just four.  I’m learning some lingo.  One of the runs was an “in the park” home run, the other three were “dingers.”   I have finally stopped calling runs “points.”  Keats nailed the ball every single time at bat, but only made it on base once, and that time the ball nailed the poor kid at third base in the shins and he went down.  I hate it when kids get hurt.  Their team won the tournament, so that was fun, but it also meant that we spent a lot of time at baseball games and I have a sunburn.

That baby in the first and second photos–he’s turning out to be a real biter.  And a screamer.  It’s funny because he has the sweetest temperament, really a great personality.  I hope the screaming and biting phase passes soon.  It’s especially unpleasant in the middle of the night.  I scared Jonny the other night when I unintentionally screamed in pain myself, in response to being bitten while half asleep.  Daytime biting I can handle, but this while I’m sleeping stuff, is kind of awful.  Poor Job may find himself getting weaned in a month or so if this keeps up.

Anyway, weekends are fun and exhausting.  I’m exhausted and happy.  Time to start another week.

(photos are actually from a week or so ago.  I promise I’ve got my suitcase from the trip to the beach put away now.)